Things to do in Serbia

When it comes to sort out the top things to do in Serbia, then there are a plenty of things one can think of. One of the best things of traveling to Serbia is that not only is this place full of sightseeing attractions but also there are lots of interesting things to do that will keep you busy all the day. One of the best things to do in Serbia is going for the sightseeing tours and one of the best places for touring in Serbia is Belgrade, which is the country's capital.

You can enjoy the tourist attractions like Kalemegdan Citadel, Cathedral Church and National Museum. In your list of things to do in Serbia you can also include the sightseeing of the Museum of the Serbian Orthodox Church, the Museum of Modern Art and the Ethnographical Museum. But that is not all about Belgrade. There are other attractions as well and these include Princess Ljubica, Skadarlija, Monastery of Zica and the Kalenic Monastery.

If you are done with the tourist attractions in Belgrade you can go shopping. Yes, this is one of the next best things to do in Serbia when you are done with the sightseeing. There are a plenty of shops and great malls in the city of Belgrade. In this section dealing with Serbia things to do, one of the tips is to visit the city of Novi Sad. This place which is dubbed as Serbian Athens, is a city steeped in great cultural history and is home to many galleries, theatres, libraries and museums.

For the ones who are fond of nature and like it wild for them is the Djerdap National Park. This is a must include in your list of things to do in Serbia. Spanning 64,000 hectares, the park has a spectacular beauty with amazing scenic views and great wildlife in the form of diverse flora and fauna. There is river valley Djerdap Gorge which was formed by four gorges namely Gospodjin Vir, Gornja Klisura, Veliki and Mali Kazan. There is also a big lake and a hydroelectric power plant built on it. There are other national parks as well by the names of Sara, Kopaonik, Fruska Gora and Tara.

One of the other most interesting things to do in Serbia is to follow the Palic wine route following the sandy soil trails. You will come to know about Italian Riesling, Chardonnay and Rhine Riesling. The place is of great historical importance and you will learn a lot about wine making. If you are out shopping, then you can look for the items like lace, embroidery, leatherwork, metalwork, Pec filigree work and Turkish coffee sets.