Slovakia Cuisines

While traveling to Slovakia, you will discover that Slovakia cuisines vary somewhat from place to place. Slovak cuisine has been influenced by the traditional cuisine of its neighbors. Halusky is the most popular amongst the various types of Slovak dishes. Out of this Halusky, the Bryndzove halusky features most prominently in the Slovakian food platter. The Bryndzove halusky is made by using potato dumplings where sheep milk cheese - bryndza is also used. This happens to be Slovakia's national recipe. Strapacky and Chlustacky are other Slovakia cuisines.

Some of the other dishes that feature in the Slovakia cuisines are Parene buchty and tagliatelle with fried bacon and liptov cheese called Siroke rezance s tvarohom a slaninou. Then there are also these potato pancakes which are fried in oil and are known as Zemiakove placky. The �emlovka, Granad�r, Ryzovy nakyp which is a sweet nut roll is known as Orechovn�k. There are poppy seed rolls which are known as Makovnik and are quite popular. The Slovakia cuisines also include in their list the Slovak soups and sauces. The sauces are mostly made of beans known as Fazulova and the soups which are cooked with sauerkraut are known as Kapustnica.

Slovak traditional cookies and sweets are mostly baked at Christmas time. Throughout the year too, the traditional cookies are baked at home and found only in a handful shops. Slovak traditional cookies and sweets consist of Laskonky, fluffy dough which have a creamy filling and there are walnuts inside. There are also these Macacie oci, which are cookie like round tarts and have two layers. These are half-dipped in dark chocolate with chocolate cream filling inside.

The Vajcovy konak, Slovak cuisine eggnog; Medovnicky and Medvedie labky are the delicacies of Slovakia cuisines. In meats, beef, pork and poultry form a part and parcel of the cuisines of Slovakia. Pork is the most popular. In poultry, turkey, duck and goose are eaten but chicken rules the roost. Jeternice - blood sausages from any butchered pig parts has its loyal clientele too. Boar, venison and rabbit are popular round the year but lamb and goat not so much. Horse meat consumption does not meet with social acceptance.

Wine is integral to the cuisine of Slovakia. The northern parts of Slovakia are too mountainous and cold for vineyards. Slovakia wine is from mostly the southern ares of the Danube and tributaries. Tokaj wine of Tokaj region is the best followed by sweet wine which is not so dry. In beer brands, Pils is popular and there are local varieties of beer. Smadny mnich - thirsty monk, Zlaty bazant - Golden Pheasant and Saris are three other brands you can ask for while in Slovakia.

During your discovery of Slovakia cuisines, you find two unique soft drinks. One is Vinea without any artificial coloring, flavor or other additives, but only stabilized by pasteurization (as in milk). It is made from grape juice and is an internationally acclaimed drink that has won many international awards. Kofola is a cola soft drink. Both are available in pubs or supermarkets, either draught or bottled.