Sightseeing in Slovakia

Europe's newest country is Slovakia. You can visit this totally undiscovered place by planning for your trip to places for sightseeing in Slovakia. The country prides in long historical significance and that dates back more than, 1000 years.

Explore the mysterious spots in Slovakia that includes the castles, museums and remains of old towers on your European trip. Here are some of the prime spots for you to enjoy Slovakia places to visit -

Michael's Gate (Bratislava) - This is one of the three famous gates of the 14th century which is known the historical importance. It is the landmark for the capital city and one of the major Slovakia sightseeing spots.

The tower is capped with copper onion dome and hence, is one if the most captivating views for the travelers. The entire old town is worth visiting, with marvelous displays of ancient weapons, arms and town fortifications.

The Old Town (Bratislava) - Bratislava is the largest capital since the year 1969. This old town is an ideal place for people who loves walking and exploring the various castles and architectural buildings of Europe.

Not just the Carpathian Mountains but, there are lot of many other interesting places to see in Slovakia. This pristine location prides in numerous museums, palaces and the most remarkable Danube River.

The Slovak National Museum and the National gallery that are located along the rover side display the amazing monuments of Hungarian era. You can visit the live performances in the Slovak National theatre and the opera.

Primates Palace (Bratislava) - Sightseeing in Slovakia is incomplete without visiting this iconic pink palace. The sparkling Hall of Mirrors with 17th century tapestries is surely one of the breathtaking experiences for you to indulge into.

The historical significance of this spot is that Napoleon and Hapsburg emperor Francis I, signed the Bratislava Peace Accord in this room in the year 1805. You would be astounded to visit this incredible place.

Town Hall (Bratislava) - You would be very excited to visit this interesting spot of Slovakia. The ancient town hall has gradually developed from numerous burghers houses. You can witness the marvel of this construction by enjoying the soft music and illuminated building. Another very exciting activity is the brass band that plays from the top of the tower.

Cachtice Castle (Piestany) - This 13th century Hungarian castle encompasses some really brutal past incidents. You would be shocked to discover that it has history of countless murders of hundreds of women peasants.

In the 17th century an insane Hungarian tortured and killed over 600 women in this castle. Later, her crime was proved and she was imprisoned in the same castle till her death. It is deserted since, 1708 after a fire broke up in the castle. You can witness the remains of this ruined massive construction.

More sightseeing in Slovakia -

  • Spis Castle (Spis)
  • St Martin's Cathedral (Bratislava)
  • Cathedral of St Elizabeth (Kosice)
  • St Jacobs's Church (Levoca)
  • St Egidius Church (Bardejov)

Make your interesting tour to Europe and don't miss the famous destinations in Slovakia.