Trip to Bratislava

When traveling to Slovakia, you will undoubtedly make a trip to Bratislava. Bratislava is the capital of Slovakia. Bratislava is also the political, economic and cultural center of Slovakia. Bratislava in Slovakia's south-west has a population of 425,000 is on both banks of the Danube River. It is the only national capital bordering two nations, namely Hungary and Austria. M. R. Stefanik Airport is 9 kilometers from the city center. A trip to Bratislava will also expose you the place's cultural history.

The city's history, for a long time known as Pressburg in German, has been greatly influenced by Austrians, Germans, Czechs, Hungarians, Slovaks and Jews. It was the Kingdom of Hungary's economic and administrative center. Bratislava also saw the nineteenth century Slovak national movement historical figures such as Alexander Dubcek and Milan Rastislav Stefanik. The twentieth century saw a tumultuous period with Slovak national interests, Nazi influences, Soviet inroads and Warsaw Pact domination at different points of time.

The city's economy has boomed with foreign investments in the 1990s and the early 21st century. On your trip to Bratislava, you will also learn about the city's climate. The city is in the North Temperate Zone and its continental climate has four distinct seasons. It is many a times windy and has hot summers and cold, humid winters. During your trip to Bratislava, you will find that the skyline Bratislava has medieval towers and grand 20th century structures and a construction boom is on.

The Old Town has Bratislava's Town Hall, building complex of 14th-15th centuries housing the Bratislava City Museum. Other attrations are Michael's Gate with medieval fortifications, Europe's narrowest house and the 1756 University Library building. The tourist attractions in Bratislava also include the historic center which has baroque palaces. The 1760 Grassalkovich Palace, 13th-16th centuries Gothic St. Martin's Cathedral, 13th century Franciscan Church, Church of St. Elizabeth, the Blue Church and the restored underground Jewish cemetery.

On your tours to Bratislava you will also see the Slav�n military cemetery which was unveiled in 1960 to honor Soviet Army soldiers who fell in liberating Bratislava from the Germans troops. The cemetery is the only one in Bratislava and has a great view of Bratislava and the Little Carpathians. 20th century structures are Slovak Radio's inverted pyramid-shaped headquarters, Nov� Most (New Bridge) with a UFO-shaped tower restaurant and the Kamz�k TV Tower with rotating restaurant. A trip to Bratislava has excitement galore for you.

Bratislava Castle has been rebuilt in the Theresan style on a on a plateau 85 metres above the Danube. The castle hill site has been inhabited from times traced to between the Stone and Bronze ages. Other places worth visiting are Devin Castle, Rusovce mansion with English park, the many natural and manmade lakes in the city and the forests that are so close to the city center. Not to forget the many museums and galleries. Do make that trip to Bratislava fast.