Spain cuisines

The Spain cuisines reflect the mix of several cultures on the platter. The Spain cuisines are very much popular these days and when you are traveling to Spain it is always advisable that you taste the local delicacies which can be enjoyed in their authentic best when had from the country itself. Sea food holds a special place in the Spanish cuisines and this is mainly because of the easy availability of the sea foods in the plenty of water bodies scattered all over the country. This also reflects the Mediterranean roots of the country. The blend of different cultures comes out beautifully in the cuisines of Spain.

Much of the Spain cuisines has been influenced by the Jewish, Celtic and Moorish ways of cooking. The Moors had strong presence in Spain for several years and you can still get their authentic style of cooking in many homes. One of the popular Spanish foods is pork. One of the interesting facts is also that that the native cuisines of the Americans came to Europe through Spain. That is why in a modern Spanish kitchen you will never find tomatoes, potatoes, beans and peppers missing. One of the most important ingredients in Spanish cooking is pure olive oil and since 44% of the total olive production is contributed by Spain, therefore it is one important component of the dishes there. Butter or lard are also extensively used in the Spain cuisines but that is more prominent in the northern part of the country.

The daily Spain cuisines comprise of traditionally hand made food, whose ingredients are purchased from the local markets there. This is however more pronounced in the rural areas and in the places like Madrid and all which are urbanized this practice is not so common. The dishes like Granada or Ja�n and Almer�a are offered along with a drink and in every bar of Spain, this custom of serving something edible with a drink is very popular. One of the other traditional Spain cuisines is churro with thick hot chocolate. The traditional Chocolater�a de San Gin�s is also a hot favorite.

Sofrito is a very common ingredient in any of the Spanish cuisines. Even the use of garlics and onions for seasoning is also quite common. Then again wine with meals is also a practice here. Bread is one of the important components of Spanish cuisines. Fruits or dairy products as desserts are also a must.

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