Flights to Spain

There are numerous airways operating flights to Spain on a regular basis. Considering the growing amount of tourists a number of cheap flights to Spain from Europe have started operating regular flights. The low cost carriers have become very popular among the budget tourists flying to Spain.

Air tickets to Spain can be availed easily. It's best to book your flight to Spain during the off-season. The months from October to May are the best time to visit Spain if you want to save some money as well as roam around in fewer crowds. The cheap flights to Spain operate mainly from October to November and January to April. Get your tickets at least a month before so that you can avail a little more discount.

The three most popular Spanish flight operators that operate flights to Spain everyday from the United States are:

  • Air Europa: Operating daily flights to Madrid from New York or Newark's Liberty Airport.

  • Air Plus Comet: Operates daily non stop service New York, USA's JFK Airport to Madrid.

  • Iberia: Operating non stop flights to Spain from Miami, Chicago and New York to Madrid.

There are also flights flying regularly from various important cities of United States of America to Barcelona. The spring festival season attract thousands of tourists from all parts of the world, when many special flights operate on a daily basis to Spain.

More flights operate from several important cities of Europe than USA. It's better to fly to one such European location and then take a connecting flight to Spain if you don't have a direct flight to this country from your nearest airport. Daily flights from major cities of Spain like Madrid, Barcelona and Valencia as well as smaller cities of the country like Granada, and Seville operate regular flights to many European cities.

The following are the various cities of Spain where you can fly regularly from the major cities of Europe:

  • Flights to Alicante
  • Flights to Malaga
  • Flights to Almeria
  • Flights to Las Palmas
  • Flights to Barcelona
  • Flights to Mallorca
  • Flights to Bilbao
  • Flights to Menorca
  • Flights to Fuerteventura
  • Flights to Murcia
  • Flights to Girona
  • Flights to Reus
  • Flights to Granada
  • Flights to Santander
  • Flights to Ibiza
  • Flights to Santiago de Compostela
  • Flights to Jerez
  • Flights to Seville
  • Flights to Lanzarote
  • Flights to Tenerife
  • Flights to Madrid
  • Flights to Valencia

The fares for flights to Spain differ widely depending upon the season you are planning your trip in as well as the airline you are choosing. If you buy your tickets way advance you would have a change to get great discounts. A round trip ticket will also save a lot of money on air tickets. But you must remember one important thing. Mostly all the cheap air tickets are non-refundable. So you must not change your travel plan once you book your tickets.

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