Nightlife in Spain

There is an old saying that says if there is any nocturnal race on earth, they are none other than Spanish. Compared to any other European nationality Spanish are the sect who sleep least. Therefore nightlife in Spain is very vibrant and happening.

Spanish nightlife is one thing that would make your trip more exciting. Hanging out at night in Spain is a part of the Spanish lifestyle. Apart from Ibiza, there are several other hotspots in Spain where you can visit at night. Some cities in Spain with a happening nightlife are:

  • Madrid
  • Barcelona
  • Valencia
  • Bilbao
  • Granada

Madrid is regarded as the nightclub capital of Europe. There are some who even consider this to be the capital city of nightclub of the world.

Celebrating at night is a Spanish lifestyle. Spaniards love to enjoy their nightlife and at huge proportions. The night long parties in Spain are some thing you would often come across. La marcha, as nightlife in Spain is referred as in their native language, is enjoyed at a hallucinating arena in Madrid and Barcelona. Mostly all night clubs in Spain remains open until dawn.

Spanish night clubs have a different flavor from that of the rest of the world. It is not only about drinking and dancing all night long. The legendary feel of Spanish nightclubs is reflected through celebrations of life.

In most places you would get to see the whole family celebrating together. Madrid and Barcelona are the two cities where it's a common scene to find people taking late night meals. Coffee shops also remain open until wee hours where you can settle, listen to some great music and sip over a fuming cup of coffee.

Nightclubs in Barcelona

Barcelona is famous for its vivacious nightlife. There are several bars in the Old Town Barcelona. The bars are the perfect place for you to booze at a trendy setting. You can also visit the pubs that have a casual feel. Barcelona nightlife often refers to settling at a sidewalk caf� and watching Spanish life rattle by. For Spanish people the terms bar and caf� is identical. The only difference is that at cerverseria you would find beer and at bodega you would be served wine. Xampanyeria is a champagne bar, which is a must visit for every tourist.

Madrid Nightlife

Madrid could be the club lover's favorite. Don't get surprised if you find the roads crowded with vehicles and people at 4 am in the morning and you getting stuck at some huge traffic jam. From discobares to discotecas you can simply hit the floor anytime after evening until dawn. Discobares are very popular in Spain and especially in Madrid. You would be able to shake your legs with the rhythm of rock, dance, and salsa music. It's better to hit a bar or a disco after the night meal and party hard until midnight. Then when you are tired, follow the footsteps of the Madrilenos. Visit the Chocolateria San Gines, which is a chocolate bar and is the most perfect way to cure your hangover.

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