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Trip to Andalucia

If you are looking for a place that's quintessentially Spanish, then Andalucia is the place to be. Do not miss a trip to Andalucia if you are traveling to Spain as coming here you will discover the true meaning of a colorful and a vibrant culture. The rich flamenco heritage for which the place is known for and the fiery passion of the people here attract travelers from far and wide, from every corner of the globe. On your trip to Andalucia one of the most exciting things that you will see is the bullfighting and the traditional horse riding. The charm of the great Moorish past can still be seen fresh amongst the people here and can be sensed as much in the surroundings.

As you come for this exciting trip to Andalucia you will also notice that the legacy of the most stunning architectural treasures still continue to exist. Everything about Andalucia is simply attractive and interesting. No matter where you land up, the rugged sierras or in the beautiful white villages, your trip to Andalucia is simply hold for you excitement galore. The peak season for the tourists here is the month of August when many people come for the Andalucia trip. The place is a hot favorite with the golfers as there a plenty of great golf courses.

The place sports great shopping malls where you can shop for anything and everything that catches your eyes. The nightlife of the city is simply electrifying and just the sun begins to set the city turns into the most lively den of the party animals. Shopping and nightlife are the two big attractions you will find on your trip to Andalucia. The place boasts of being the city where some of the great historical geniuses lived like Picasso, Hemingway, Gerald Brenan and Washington Irving and coming here you get to soak in their great historical lives.On your tours to Andalucia some of the places that you should not miss include the Alhambra in Granada, Mezquita in Cordoba, and Sierra Nevada.

The Alhambra in Granada is famed for its hillside palace-fortress which was once home to the Nasrid Sultans and this is one place you will come across during your trip to Andalucia. It is considered the most romantic monument in the whole of the continent of Europe. The most eye catching architecture of the place have wowed the spectators forever. The Mezquita located in Cordoba has fascinated the spectators with its white and red pillars of palm tree which give the impression of a forest. The mountain chain of Sierra Nevada is also a great place to visit the Andalucia tours.

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