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Trip to Gibraltor

If you are planning your next tour to some place in Europe where you can enjoy your time experiencing breathtaking scenic beauty of the ocean and the wonderful atmosphere of the beaches, then you must opt for a trip to Gibraltor. Located close to the Southernmost tip of the Iberian peninsula near the Southwestern part of the European continent, Gibraltor is one of the most unique and beautiful pieces of land on the surface of the earth. Large number of people from all corners of the globe come for enjoying their trip to Gibraltor because it has got a lot to offer to them.

Speaking about trip to Gibraltor, it is important to know some important facts about the place. Gibraltor is actually a British overseas territory that overlooks the Strait of Gibraltar. It shares its Northern border with the Kingdom of Spain. Gibraltor is the site of a Royal Navy base of the British Armed Force. Due to its easy access from Spain through the Strait of Gibraltar, Gibraltor is visited by large number of tourists. You can easily reach Gibraltor from Spain by availing a wonderful cruise through the Mediterranean Sea.While discussing about trip to Gibraltor it has to be mentioned that flora and fauna as well as the wilderness areas are the major tourist attractions of the place.

You must visit the natural reserve which covers a major portion of the upper part of the territory because it is the home to Barbary Macaques. Barbary Macaques, that are locally recognized as 'apes' are the only species of wild monkeys that exists in entire Europe. However, Barbary Macaques are often seen in the town area in the lower portion of the territory too. Apart from the wild monkeys, other tourist attractions in the natural reserve include several caves, tunnels, huge military guns and the historical and geological sites.Located at the lower level of the territory, the town area is also an interesting place to visit in Gibraltor.

The Moorish Castle is one if the major tourist spots in the town area of Gibraltor. You must also visit the Gibraltar Museum that houses several military and archaeological artifacts. The South Area is also an important place that you must visit during your trip to Gibraltor. The South Area houses some of the most important historic sites including the Parson's Lodge, 100 Ton Gun and the bay area. On the other hand, the East side is popular for offering breathtaking scenic beauty of the surrounding areas. Your trip to Gibraltor will remain incomplete without visiting the Bay of Gibraltor. You will surely enjoy your time at the bay watching activities of the dolphins.

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