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Trip to Mallorca

Ideally located in the Mediterranean Sea, Mallorca is considered to be the largest Spanish island. One of the most popular tourist destinations in Spain, Mallorca or popularly termed as Majorca has always earned the appreciation of the adventure loving travelers. Mallorca blessed with ample of tourist attractions is a perfect destination for the travelers in search of luxurious pleasure and comforts. Pay a visit to the majestic palaces and charming churches to be the part of a wonderful experience. Situated amid the bounty of nature the island marks the visit of travelers from far distant lands. If you are planning a trip to Mallorca this vacation, then scroll down the page to learn more about the land of enchantment and wonders.

Your trip to Mallorca remains to be incomplete without a visit to the major cities of the land. The incredible landscape beauty of the cities enhances the mood of the holidaymakers. Palma de Mallorca is one of the most popular and the largest city in Mallorca. Pay a visit to the annual Jazz Festival held in Cala d'Or for a wonderful experience. The resort is situated in the eastern coast of Mallorca and receives travelers from all across the globe. The attractive village of Fornalutx lies in the western coast of the nation. It is a perfect destination for the hikers to have a nice and great time. Inca is considered to be the second largest city of the island and is best known for the leather factories. Soller is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Mallorca.

The city blessed with an incredible backdrop of charming mountains overwhelms the heart of the travelers.Bellver Castle, Santueri Castle, Palma Cathedral, Cuber Lake and El Diablo Castle are some of the major tourist attractions in Mallorca.The travelers may avail the flights coming from different European cities to Mallorca. There are ample number of discount flights available for the convenience of the travelers. One can also opt for the ferry services available from the other islands of the Balearic. Rental car services are also available for the travelers to opt for.

The travelers interested in outdoor activities may try their hands at the popular activities like hiking, cycling, golf, swimming, rock climbing and deep water soloing. The restaurants in Mallorca serve a wide variety of seafood as well as local cuisine to satisfy the tastes of the travelers. Frit Mallorqui and Sopes Mallorquines are some of the most popular local dishes in Mallorca.

The beach accommodations in Mallorca are specially meant for the travelers on a trip to Mallorca. The hotels may range from luxury to budget accommodations according to the needs of the travelers. The recreational areas available can be used up for picnic and camping facilities.

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