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Trip to San Sebastian

The natural heritage sites and major attractions of Spain are not only concentrated within the major cities but are scattered in some lesser known areas also. Keeping pace with the cities like Madrid and Barcelona, San Sebastian has grown into a popular destination of the tourists. Officially known as Donostia-San Sebastian, it is the capital city of the province of Gipuzkoa. One should not judge the potential of the city by looking at its area. With a population of near about 200,000 the city has a vibrant lifestyle which has its distinct charm. Your trip to San Sebastian will make you attract at the beautiful coastline which is an ideal place for the beach lovers.

Lying north of the Basque Country, the city can be connected be the international flights coming at the airport of San Sebastian. The concoction of historical grandeur and modern innovations make it a strange place to stay.Once decided on traveling to San Sebastian, you can surely look forward to visit the fabulous beaches. Your trip to San Sebastian will make you explore the popular beach areas like La Concha and Ondarreta. These beaches are nothing less than a canvas with multiple shades of colors.

For the visitor's convenience, the beaches are equipped with umbrellas, tents and lounge chairs.The enjoyment connected with sunbathing and spending leisurely moments is certainly refreshing. The activities like Surfing, kayakaying, and hiking up to the statue of Christ on top of the mountain between the beaches are full of excitement. As it is an accepted notion that traveling to Spain will let you witness some elegant buildings of the centuries past, the same is true in case of San Sebastian. While you tour around the city of San Sebastian on foot or by taxi, some exclusive architectures will gaze at you.

The tourists during their trip to San Sebastian will find this small city equipped with numerous designer stores. The shopping lovers will find the designer clothes too elegant to resist from buying them. Traveling in and around the city is quiet convenient by bus. The bus companies like Pesa, La Burundesa, Continental Autos etc operates frequently all over the city. During your tour to San Sebastian, the city will gift you with some fine fish restaurants, and pintxos bars. After you have availed the train services from the parts of Spain, Portugal and France, venture in to this blessed place on earth. Visiting the Aquarium near the La Concha Beach and the Amusement Park is also a priority for the traveler. Leave your monotony behind and fly all the way to this city for an invigorating vacation.

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