Wildlife Holidays in Spain

Spain in the south western Europe is a famous tourist destination not only in Europe but also all over the world. From the over crowded beaches, phoney flamenco dancers and fake bullfights, people visiting Spain may seem to have seen it all. Yet a Wildlife holidays in Spain among all its natural wonders and the rich and divers wildlife is a different experience altogether. Even the Spanish inhabitants like living largely near its long coastline, the mountains and high rolling plateau. A little different from the regular holidays taken a Wildlife holidays in Spain will keep the travelers spellbound and in awe because of all they will find in the midst of this vast natural wildlife.

There are also various tour agencies offering mind blowing wildlife tours in Spain for all those interested. Andalucia is the best place were one can experience and feel in wonder at all the color and wealth offered by the wildlife in Spain. Early summer is a beautiful place to be there and also enjoy a fantastic Wildlife holidays in Spain with families and friends. With the onset of spring comes beautiful arrays of colorful flowers and the olive groves are also covered by bright yellow Daisies by the end of winter.

The Blood Red Poppy flourishes in abundant and the vivid color of the Purple Iris down to the delicate Saxifrages, there is a wide diversity of wildflowers that can be seen while on a Wildlife holidays in Spain. And amongst these grown flowers one will often find Butterflies of various types and breeds and also many colorful insects. Birdlife too is extraordinary and amazing in Spain stealing ones breath away. The Gibraltar Straight is a well recognized crossing point for thousands of migrating birds from various parts of the country. The Greater Flamingo is the lone species of the Flamingoes to breed in Europe and it does so at the familiar Laguna de Fuenta Piedra site in Andalucia.

A walk in the countryside is a must while on a Wildlife holidays in Spain which will feel the travelers with the endless chorus of different birdsong. The Nightingale is always heard by the tourists, but is hard to catch sight of. Various birds of prey also features here and it is an amazing sight to see the huge numbers of them massing together in migration during the springtime. Some of the other wildlife present here in Spain are the Wolf, Brown Bear and Lynx besides various other mammals. So do not miss out on the wildlife in Spain if you are traveling to Spain.

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