Romantic Vacations in Sweden

The European country of Sweden is known to be one of the prime tourist destinations providing resort to the romantic couples and the newly weds for romantic holidays. The European country tracing its roots from the Vikings is highly reputed for providing the holidaying couples with the best ever romantic vacation experiences in Sweden. The romantic vacations in Sweden is known to offer the tourists with opportunities to try out kayaking, hiking, water sports and going for interesting cruises. The tourist destinations like Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmo leading to the countryside offers numerous hiking trails for the couples to romance their way with the nature.

Smaland region in south east Sweden offers hiking trail like Lonnebergaleden finally leads to Pippi Longstocking country including the John Bauer Trail. On the way one can also enjoy a romantic picnic besides the Lake Vattern. Stockholm in Sweden offers marvelous whitewater kayaking experiences as you pass by the Royal Palace and the Royal Opera House. Wawkee Kayaking tends to run two hour long trips for the romantic couples to enjoy a great time. Lapland in Sweden is known to invoke romanticism in the touring couples in Sweden. Cabin journeys from Abisko mountain station is one of the most romantically alluring ideas for holidaying in Sweden.

Tour skating in Sweden is one of the most interesting trips that the romantic couples can have.

The skaters take over the frozen lakes and waterways, which tend to link the archipelagos that are located in and around Stockholm and Gothenburg. For a romantic outing with just your spouse one can plan an expedition to the Gota Canal that meanders through fields and forests offering lush greenery including picturesque lakes and rivers. Going for cruising trips invariably means the Juno, Wilhelm Tham, and Diana ships that were built since the time of 1874 to 1931. Enjoy your romantic vacations in Sweden as the cozy cabins and exclusive international delicacies served in these cruises add to the princely treatment that you will get in these cruises.

While on a cruise don't miss out on a trip to the places like Canal Museum and Lake Vanen. The other romantic tourist destinations in Sweden feature the attractions like Stockholm Archipelago, Gotland Island, Oland, Grythyttan, Grinda Island, Stockholm, and Mariefred. While on romantic vacations in Sweden one can find out easy and cozy accommodation at few of the most reputed hotels near the various romantic destinations in Sweden. The hotels in Sweden feature the likes of Wisby Hotel, Halltorps G�stgiveri, Grythyttan Inn, Grinda W�rdshus, Esplanade, Lady Hamilton Hotel, Gripsholms Vardshus, and Sodertuna Slott.