Trip to Stockholm

Stockholm is popular worldwide as the de facto capital of Sweden and the largest city over there. The national Swedish government operates from here. Both the parliament of the nation and the official residence of the Swedish monarch are in Stockholm. Since 13th century, Stockholm has remained the economic and political center of the nation. The city is located in the Stockholm archipelago that is created by a cluster of island on the eastern part of Sweden. Stockholm is a historically important city in Sweden. By going for a trip to Stockholm you will have a wonderful time. takes you on a guided tour of the most popular tourist spots in Stockholm.

The Konsert Huset or the Concert Hall is visited by the tourists where the ceremony of Nobel price is organized every year. The tour itself gives an idea of the life, works of Alfred Nobel. While on a trip to Stockholm you must visit the beautifully laid Djurgarden, the hunting area for the ancient kings. Next you must enjoy a tour of the breathtaking landscape of Stockholm. The historical settlements at Stockholm will take you to the ancient world of the Vikings. After having a look at the pristine beauty of the landscape while being on a trip to Stockholm you can go on a tour of the famous Manor Houses. You must begin your tour with a visit to the beautiful Manor House of Sturehof Slott. This Manor house is also a historical landmark. This Manor House is built in the Gustavian era on the southern part of Stockholm.

You can enjoy a Swedish royal trip of the city of Stockholm. This royal tour consists of the sightseeing tour of the Swedish royalty both in the past and present days of Stockholm.

The first place you will stop at is the Ulriksdals Slott castle at Edsviken. It is said that several monarchs had their contributions in making this castle even more beautiful.

While on a trip to Stockholm you will be able to explore the cultural heritage of the city and the country. From the antique shops you can buy souvenirs for taking home or gifts for friends, back home. Before starting for the journey of the city of Stockholm you need to find a good accommodation. A nice hotel will help you in getting rejuvenated after a day's tour that leaves you tired. provides you with a list of some of the best hotels in the city of Stockholm that makes your holiday even more enjoyable.

  • Hotel Riddargatan
  • Crystal Plaza Hotel
  • Stallm�stareg�rden Hotel & Restaurant
  • Best Western Time Hotel
  • Gustav Vasa Hotel
  • Rica Hotel Stockholm