Wildlife Holidays in Sweden

The natural beauty of Sweden is one of the most promising treats for the adventure and wildlife tourists. The European country of Sweden is known for its wildlife holidays. The wildlife holidays in Sweden are known to render the tourists with the most fabulous experiences and let them spend a relaxed or highly adventurous holiday as per their wish. The wildlife trips comprising of bird watching and wildlife safaris are the best means to spending a great and eventful wildlife holiday in Sweden.

The island of Oland in Sweden is known to be one of the places bestowing its visitors with the best ever wildlife touring experiences. Bird watching and camping trips and the romantic holidays in the wildlife regions of Sweden are sure to be a memorable experience amidst the beauties of the nature.

The famed Ottenby Bird Observatory and Nature Reserve in the island of Oland is known to be one of the most primitive bird sanctuary in Sweden. For the bird watchers this place is no less than a pilgrimage where they are sure to come across the birds like Red-footed Falcon, Marsh Sandpiper, Red-rumped Swallow, Greenish Warbler and Rose-coloured Starling. The flora of this region comprise of the plants like Glossy Eyebright, Buckshorn Plantain, Common Milkwort, birch and oak trees, Burnt Orchid, Yellow Milk-vetch, and Glasswort

The wildlife holidays in Sweden during the winter season offers the best of the scenic views and birdwatching experiences as the wildlife tourists get the golden opportunity to take photographs of those birds. One is sure to come across the most beautiful of the birds like those of the Waxwings, Crossbills and Bullfinches which simply offer the most vibrant views to the birdwatchers in the winter light. The medium sized birds that can be found on the treetops are forest grouse, Nutcracker, Goshawk or Hawk Owl While on a wildlife holiday in Sweden don't miss out on the opportunity of an encounter with the Brown Bears from your cozy hideaway where you can reach through flight of Ryan air from Stansted to Vasteras. One can also go for bird watching with Black-throated Divers, Goshawk or Honey Buzzard, Goosanders and Goldeneyes, and Golden Eagle.

For an absolutely awesome bird watching experience the wild and untamed region of Lapland is the best place which is known to feature the birds like Slavonian Grebes, Ospreys Black Terns, Common Cranes, and White-tailed Eagles. You will even get to spot Honey Buzzards and Goshawks, 7 woodpecker species, including Redbacked Shrike, Nightingale, Common Rosefinch, Icterine Warbler, Thrush and Ortolan Bunting.