Switzerland Cuisines

The world renowned Swiss cuisines or the cuisines from Switzerland are among the more popular cuisines in the world. A blend of Italian, French and German menus, cuisines from Switzerland are known more than for mere cheese and chocolates. The Switzerland cuisines comprise of many popular forms of dishes and are widely acclaimed for their taste as well as variety. Switzerland cuisines are an integral part of food menus on the global platform and offer a delicious taste to the connoisseurs of good food in all parts of the world.

To begin with the cuisines from Switzerland, Roesti is a very popular dish. A highly used dish, Roesti is used along with potato and is frequently used by people all around the country. Tarts made with toppings of apple to onion, is another major dish from Switzerland. Then thin strips of veal with mushroom in a cream sauce which is served with Roesti, is another popular mode of food in Switzerland. Pasta and pizza are especially popular in many of the urban regions across Switzerland.

Talking of the Swiss cuisines, different regions of the country have their own specialties. The French dominated part of the country has dishes like pork sausage, leek and potato hotpot. Fondue that is made of melted cheese which is eaten along with small pieces of bread or potatoes in the malted cheese or Raclette which is a hot cheese served with small gherkins, pickled onions are some of the other major recipes from Switzerland The Basel region of Switzerland which is a predominantly German part of the country does have its own menus. Emmental Apple Roesti, Fotzel Slices and Zopf are the major cuisines in this part of the region. Aelplemagaronen is another of the famous Swiss cuisine that is part of the most hill resorts and restaurants and served after skiing.

Polenta, Chestnut cake and Saffron Risotto are the other major Swiss cuisines. On the beverages front, Switzerland is one of the most exotic locations and offers plenty of varieties in terms of beverages. Rivella to apple juice and wine to pinot noir, Switzerland does offer many choices. One of the contemporary drinks from Switzerland that is making waves round the world is Ovomaltine. A chocolate drink which is also used by many in Switzerland on the top of a slice of buttered bread, Ovomaltine is very popular in the region as well as in other parts of Europe and the North America. Switzerland cuisines thus are among the finest in terms of taste and popularity among the scores of European cuisines that are available.