Trip to Interlaken

The town of Interlaken has been regarded as a popular tourist destination as it boasts of many exotic locations. Interlaken has been referred to as a famous tourist destination also since it has one of the serene rivers, River Aare . The town also lies between two of the most pristine lakes. Towards the east of Interlaken you would get to see Lake Brienz. Lake Thun located in the western part of the town further glorifies its beauty. A trip to Interlaken can be quite pleasing for the visitors as they would get to see some breathtaking scenery in the surrounding areas. A trip to Interlaken would be a great holiday experience for you.

Trip to Interlaken is organized by many tour operators based in Switzerland. There are a number of high class hotels in the city that offer impeccable service to the guests. On a trip to Interlaken you would also get to find many budget hotels that offer low priced accommodation. Interlaken is regarded as a prime destination for the adventure sport enthusiasts. Thus if you are interested in pursuing skiing and canoeing then visit Interlaken. There are many hotels in Interlaken which are known for offering guided service for various activities, like para-gliding and skydiving. When you are traveling to Switzerland, you have to pay a visit to the town of Interlaken.

On a trip to Interlaken you can visit its various exotic locations by availing a bus or train.

The different parts of the town are well connected by buses as well as trains. The Jungfrau mountain is perhaps one of the most popular attractions in Interlaken that is visited by plenty of tourists ever year. Hoheweg avenue is one of the most popular places that boasts of many hotels which provide you with the view of the lovely Jungfrau mountain. Interlaken is served by two railway stations. Interlaken Ost is a prime railway station that offers plenty of trains to the town of Interlaken from differnet parts of the country. Interlaken West is the other major rail station that serves the town.

The travel agencies in many Swiss cities have been offering tours to Interlaken. You can avail the family tour packages and even the vacation packages to Interlaken. A trip to Interlaken could also include some of the festivals held at the place. By staying in Interlaken you can get to visit the various popular historic sites which are located in the neighboring cities. The excellent transportation facilities which are offered in the town would help you reach the neighboring places quite conveniently.