Trip to Lucerne

Trip to Lucerne is always enjoyable. Travestying through the mountainous regions around Germany and the Alps mountains it is always enjoyable for the travelers to travel by cheap air tickets to Lucerne in Switzerland. Lucerne is a city of Switzerland and is the capital of the Canton of Lucerne. In the central Switzerland Lucerne is the most hugely populated city. As the place is situated on the lake Lucerne within the distance of Mount Pilatus and Rigi, it is still regarded as the prime tourists destination. There are various landmarks the tourists will witness during Lucerne trip. Among them the most prominent among them is Chapel Bridge. It is a type of wooden bridge which was built around 14th century. That is why trip to Lucerne is one of the important parts of cheap air flights to Switzerland.

There are various airlines around the globe which operates cheap flights to Lucerne in Switzerland. These airlines operate from various parts of the globe to Lucerne and other cities of Switzerland. The cheap airlines which operate flights to Lucerne and other parts of Switzerland are Aer Lingus, Air Baltic, Air Berlin, Air Prishtina, British Airways, Blue 1, bmbi baby, Brussels airlines, Click Air, Condor, Easy Jet, Fly Baboo, Fly Globe span, Fly Thomas Cook, Freedom Flights, Germania Express, Lauda Air and Sky Europe.

There are also other cheap airlines operates flights to Lucerne and other parts of Switzerland. These are Air Berlin, Air Prishtina, Blue 1 and Air Baltic.

The moment the cheap airlines reach Lucerne, there are various sightseeing facilities are arranged. All the places of sightseeing and attractions are located in and around Lucerne. Form the Lucerne airport there are facilities for taking the travelers directly to the city hotels. There are even some travelers who express the eagerness to visit the places of attractions and interests in the Lucerne.

As there are various types of hotels in Lucerne the tourists also get the chance to book the travel to the places of interest in Lucerne from the travel and tour operators who take the tourists to various places of interest around Lucerne.

Places of interest in Lucerne:

There are various places of interest in Lucerne. These are Mount Rigi, Lucerne, Bernese Oberland, Jungfru, Mynch and Eiger. There are other places of interest in Lucerne, Bachalpsee, Cheese factory, Tierpark Goldau, Glass factory and Kapelbrucke.

Hotels in Lucerne:

There are various types of hotels located in different parts of Lucerne. These are Palace Luzerne, Grand Hotel National, Hotel De la Paix and Hotel Seeburg Luzern.