Trip to Lugano

Trip to Lugano is always exciting and enjoyable for the travelers. Every year there has been good turnaround of tourist traffic to the places of interest in different parts of Switzerland. Trip to Lugano is one such place of Switzerland which the tourists dearly enjoy as like Lugano the entire areas of the country are full of mountainous areas, valleys and forest areas. There are various airlines available in the world that operates cheap Lugano trip very year. That is why trip to Lugano is one of the important cheap flights trip to Switzerland.

Airlines operating cheap travel to Lugano:

There are various airlines available in other parts of the globe which operates cheap flights to Lugano. Switzerland is full of mountainous areas and lakes that is why it encourages the travelers from all around the globe to visit different picturous zones of Switzerland. Lugano is one such zone of that type in the country. The purpose of introducing this cheap flight is to promote tourism to Lugano and other places of Switzerland. The names of the cheap airlines operating flights to Lugano are Swiss Air, Darwin Line, Air One and Fly Baboo. There are also other airlines like Aeroflot, Adria Airways, Britihs Airways, KLM, Croatia Airlines, Cyprus Airways, Royal Jordanian Airways and Brussels Airlines.

Hotels in Lugano:

Tourists arriving at Lugano airport from other parts of the globe don't have to worry about the places of stay in Lugano. In the Lugano airport there are hotel employees of Lugano located in different hubs of the city present in the airport with a table to welcome the honored guests arriving from other parts of the guests. The names of the hotels are as follows:

  • Holiday Inn Lugano Center

  • Grand Hotel Eden

  • Lugano Dante Center Swiss Quality Hotel

  • Victoria Au Lac

  • Acquarello Swiss Quality Hotel

  • Villa Principe Leopoldo and Residence

  • Mendriso Hotels

Places from where the cheap airlines operating flights to Lugano:

There are various destinations from across the globe the cheap airlines operates flights to Lugano. These are Rome, Milan, Verona, Berne, Naples, Aosta and Bolzano.

Places of interests in Lugano:

There are various places of interests located in various parts in Lugano. These are Lake Lugano, Pedal Boats, Saint Lawrence Cathedral, Saint Mary of the Angels Church, Parco Civico, Monte San Salvatore, Monte Genereso, The chocolate factory and Villa Favorita.

There are other places of interest located in Lugano. These are Mennagio, Museum of Modern Art, The Shrine Madona Del Socorso and Villa Favorita.