Biking & Cycling

If you are looking to spend your holiday in Europe in the most exciting ways then nothing can get better than traveling by biking and cycling. Europe is the perfect holiday destination as it provides a wide range of options for the travelers. Biking and cycling gives you ample time to enjoy the journey in your own way as at any moment you can stop and contemplate the mesmeric landscape or the historical remnants.

You can plan tour in your own by studying the available information from travel guide books, online travel sites or travel experts. And if you want to let back and have a compact tour plan, you can also avail conducted tours for biking and cycling in Europe.

If you have gone with less time in hand then you should concentrate on a particular region of Europe. You tour in that case can be more compact and thrilling.

 7 suggested biking and cycling tours across Europe are as follows:

1. A ride from Pisa to Florence

The ride takes you through the northern Tuscany region of Italy. Within a span of 7 to 8 days you can cover some of most well known historical places like the Leaning Tower of Pisa, 16th chapel and other significant locations that have been witness to the era of Renaissance.

2. A travel from Vienna to Budapest

This 7 to 8 days long ride, starts from Vienna (the capital city of Austria) takes you through Hungary and ends up in Budapest (Hungary’s capital city), all along the side of the River Danube.

3. Switzerland Tour

The nine to ten days long bike/cycle tour covers several cities of Switzerland. Here you start form Zurich, the capital city, travel through the eye soothing lakes and the simple yet gorgeous cities of Bern and Lucerne. The tour ultimately finishes in Zurich.

4. Andalusia Tour

Andalusia is known for its picturesque landscape. A bike tour of 7 to 8 days through the Granada region will give you an opportunity to experience the authentic essence of rural Spain.

5. England Tour

England is dream destination for riders. A self guided tour of 12 to fourteen days will cover places like Cotswold, lakes of north England, central England and Devonshire (in South Western region of England). For this tour you might have to travel in some vehicle for short distances in between.

If you can devote 6 to 7 days more you can also cover the South Wales region that will cover the coastal National Park in the county of Pembrokeshire.

6. Turkey Tour

An eight day long tour goes round the mesmeric sweet water lakes of Gocek, rugged mountains of Ekincik, Dalaman plains, the evergreen forest of Dalyan, the swimming bays of Sarsata and Sakklikent Canyon.

7. France

France is perhaps the most exciting venue for biking and cycling in Europe. There several tour plans available that includes:

  • 7 to 8 days ride round the castles of Loire Valley.

  • A tour through Gironde, covering the vineyards, Gascogne Regional Park, pine forests, Arcachon Bay that finally finishes at the ocean.

  • 7 days tour along the wine yards of Alsace.

  • 7 Days tour of Burgundy

  • 8 days long trip of Camargue