Conservation of the environment is one of the main purposes of ecotourism. If you want to spend a relaxed, calming and environment friendly holiday, then go for destinations which are in the lap of the nature and away from hustle bustle of the cities.

The forests, nature parks, riversides, countryside and rugged mountain terrains are the perfect spots for spending a lazy yet thrilling holiday. Caravans, canals, tents or boats and bikes/cycles are not only free from creating pollution but also add a wild fervor to your journey.

For more excitement you can board the eco-lodges, chalets, cottages and boat houses. Carrying a tour map, travel guide, and other necessary items is most necessary as you may not find them in such inaccessible locations.

The various themes of ecotourism in Europe are as follows:

·        Walking & climbing tours
·        National parks tours
·        Gardens tours
·        Horse riding tours
·        Biking & cycling tours
·        Beaches tours
·        Wellness & spas tours
·        Kayak tours
·        Camping tours
·        Caravan tours

7 leading options for ecotourism tours through Europe are as follows:

1. Kayak Tour of Northeast Russia
  • The Kayak Tour covers the following sites:

1.      Whale Bone Valley in Yttygran Island
2.      Anadyr in Chukotka
3.      Kolyuchin Island in Chukotka
4.      Indigirka delta in eastern Russia
5.      New Siberia Island in eastern Russia
6.      Medvezhiy in eastern Russia
7.      Murmansk
8.      Lena River
9.      Uelen Village in Chukotka
10.  Novaya Zemlya in Arkhangelsk
11.  Wrangel Island
12.  Taymyr in Siberia
13.  Barents Sea
14.  Severnaya Zemlya
15.  Kara Sea
16.  Preobrazheniya Bay in Chukotka

       2. Scotland Tour
The 12 days journey is basically dependant on cycling and biking.
The areas covered are as follows:
·        Skye
·        Ballater
·        Cairngorms National Park
·        Edinburgh
·        Scottish Highland

       3. Czech Republic Tour
A short trip of 5 to six days on bike or hiking will cover the following places:
·        Beroun
·        Karlstejn
·        Prague in Bohemia
·        Svaty Jan Pod Skalou Valley

       4. Turkey Tour
The 25 days long tour traverses through the following places:
·        Dogubeyazit in Eastern Anatolia
·        Amasya in Black sea region
·        Goreme in Anatolia
·        Cappadocia in Anatolia
·        Trabzon in Black Sea Zone
·        Sanliurfa in South-east Anatolia
·        Erzurum in Eastern Anatolia
·        Nemrut Dag in Anatolia
·        Konya in Anatolia
·        Antakya in Mediterranean
·        Ankara in Anatolia

5. Portugal Tour
A short trip of 6 to 7 days will take you round the significant sites of Cascais and Sintra in Lisbon. You can do hiking, cycling/biking, walking or any other activity according to your choice.

6. Italy Tour
The 8 days long tour covers the important cultural and archeological sites.
They are as follows:
·        Pozzuoli in Campania
·        Capri in Campania
·        Marina di Stabia in Campania
·        Naples in Campania
·        Pithecusae
·        Ischia
·        Pompeii

You can travel by any means. You can go for camping along with your family as well.

7. Croatia tour
The 8 days long tour covers the finest areas of Croatia that include national parks, gardens, swampy lands and rugged plains. It covers:
·        Sibenik in Sibenik knin county
·        Hvar in Split Dalmatia county
·        Paklenica National Park in Zadar
·        National Parks at Kornati Island