Europe travel themes - Gardens

Vacations are a time for you to have some fun and unwind with your friends or family, hence it is important to plan them with care, to blend comfort with new experiences, and do something that you really like doing. In lieu of the various hobbies and interests that people have, themed vacations have caught on quite a bit in the past years. Hence, here we have for you a guide to European theme vacations for the Golf enthusiasts, who are travelling through Europe, and would like to know of the aforementioned themed places that they can chart their vacation around.

Garden Themed Vacation

Scenic beauty can be seen it its full splendour in Europe, so for the nature enthusiast in you who loves all things bright and beautiful, indulge in the glorious gardens of the continent which are perhaps one of the greatest delights of Europe. A reflection of the history and development of the continent, ranging from intricately designed to formal castle grounds or Botanical gardens which are of much scientific importance, they project the architectural development, engineering and the exploratory spirit of Europe; and continue to provide a tranquil respite from the madness of the concrete jungle that the developed world has become.

Throughout ages the continent has been widely known for its historical sites, beautiful architecture, captivating artwork and the extensive, elaborate gardens. The flower gardens that Europe boasts of, are located in public parks, castle grounds etc., and are sufficient reason in itself to plan a visit to the continent. A highlighting feature of the gardens is the fact that the native species are given much importance in them, for example Tulips are one of the most important components of the flower gardens of Netherland whereas the Roses are most popular in England.

Ranging from the private gardens at the Lake Como Villas, to the exuberance that one sees in the gardens of Versailles, or one can experience true beauty in the fields of Lavender that are on bright display in Provence; Europe never ceases to delight and enthral you.

Some of the world’s most famous gardens are situated in Europe like the garden situated in Villa Medici, Fiesole, Florence, Italy which is one of the oldest Renaissance residence and gardens known, with gracious terrace lined with lemon trees, creepers under oak wood and vegetable gardens it’s a treat for the eyes. Generalife Gardens, Alhambra, Andalucía, Spain also known as the garden of delight is filled with blooming, beautiful flowers, fruits and vegetables, as well as water features is truly a garden of paradise. The Luxembourg Palace and Gardens that are situated in the heart of Paris' elegant Right Bank, with a formal garden that has rows and rows of flowers, plotted around a central lake, has seen it’s shares of academicians from nearby university to families with little children who like to float toy sailboats on the lake.

Another option is that of going to watch flowers shows like The Royal Chelsea Flower Show, that takes place in Chelsea in England every year, in the month of May and has a five day schedule which is attended by thousands of horticulture enthusiasts from all over the world who come to revel in the beauty of the flowers on display, by talented horticulturists from around the globe

The blend of Renaissance and Baroque as well as English landscape gardens that are found in Europe are a monument to the vision of the designers and garden architects and are visible in every plant, path and building in the continent, and if you are a gardening enthusiast, a nature lover or someone who just wants a moment alone in the lap of nature and absorb the peace that surrounds you wrapped in beauty; the gardens of Europe beckon you to take a look and give your senses a delightful visual treat.