Europe travel themes - Golf

Golf Themed Vacation

 The Game of Golf has a long standing history and is also a part of the European tradition, the popular game as we know it today has its origins in Scotland, and Europe has its fair share of almost 4,000 Golf courses that can validate the game’s popularity through the ages in the continent. Every country of the continent can boast of its famous Golf courses, so if you want to tee off on some famous and beloved historic Golf courses, as well as modern course designs, there is no other place that you’d rather be at. For where else would you be able to play in courses that are situated at the sites of ancient Bronze age settlements, in lava fields, or beneath castle walls, it’s a magical journey steeped in history, with the famous European hospitality and cuisine at your disposal.

Some of the most famous Golf courses in the world are located in the continent with Ireland alone having more link courses than any other place in the world, it’s a wonderful experience thwacking that ball through sand dunes, sea grass and the wind over a mesmerizing ocean view, courses like Old Course, Ballybunion, Lahinch, Doonbeg, Waterville will not disappoint you. Portugal offers the famous Royal circuit at Vale do Lobo whose 16th hole is perhaps the most photographed in Europe, with the panoramic view of the white sand and the deep blue ocean that captivates your senses. The world famous courses like Valderrama, Sotogrande, El Saler of Spain, courses that range across Atlantic and Mediterranean views of the Canary Islands to Costa Brava, and Balearics. The inland courses of Malta, Greece and Cyprus have some of the best weather around all year to help you practice your swing.

The Mountainous regions through the Alps and Central Europe, offer you courses nestled between glacial lakes and peaks, a spectacularly distracting view that will make your hear soar with delight. Some of the most unique and unusual Golf courses can be found in Europe, like playing under the Scandinavian midnight sun, or playing the snowy fields of Norway and Estonia, for ardent fans of Golf it’s an experience that you’ll never forget. The most fabulous things about a Golf themed trip in Europe is perhaps all the sight-seeing that can be done besides just teeing, with major Golf resorts having come up in regions like Montenegro, Croatia etc. the providing of state of the art accommodation and the historic sites that have Golf courses, may even require you to stay overnight in a manor house or a chateaux, life cannot get any better than that…

So for the Golf lovers out there, you can follow championship tours, or stay as well as play in Golf resorts, Europe offers you a plethora of choices, so pack your set of clubs, get those suitcases packed, and set out on a Golf themed vacation to satiate all the Golf in you