Europe Travel Themes - Horse Riding

If ready to spend a vacation in Europe, you should probably first decide on a theme that your trip can be based around, and then be design it accordingly. Since Europe is the ideal vacation destination for a varied range activities, you can enjoy the sights offered by the continent, that range from lush green forests, deep blue seas to the lofty mountains. There is something for everyone and if you’re a nature lover or a horse riding enthusiast, here are a few places that you should try to visit and soak in the experience.

“Horse Riding” Themed Vacation

As perhaps one of the oldest known forms of sport, not to forget the most instinctive too, Horse riding gives you what can be only described as a royal pleasure. Imagine riding by the lush green Swedish country side, the Balkans in Albania or the historical castles of France. The alluring sites that are offered for horse riders in the countries of Europe are incomparable. With a variety of tours that cover almost every terrain imaginable like beaches, valleys, mountains, historical places, forests etc. you can customize your plan according to your preferences and set yourself on a royal ride through the continent.

Europe boasts of excellent riding facilities at ranches and tourist farms, which also organize riding courses for all levels, cross-country riding, carriage rides, care for horses and more. Horse riding is perhaps one of the best ways of exploring the mountains, and the thrill of heading off on a trek on horseback following the chartered territory of the early pioneers and explorers has an air of romance about it.

There can be found many resorts on the coast of Italy which offer excellent riding experience along with many other places of interest further inland. Another country that provides some magnificent riding opportunities is Croatia, with its diverse terrains of lakes, plains and the rolling hills, which is perfect for galloping, and chasing the wind. The rocky coastlines of the areas surrounding the Adriatic Sea, namely Istria, Northern Seacoast and Dalmatia, perhaps can be fully enjoyed only on horseback.

It is an interesting fact to know that horses and ponies were the original means of transport for the population in the Alps; the stamina and agility that is possessed by horses outdid any other means of transport, hence the experience of the mountains can be fully absorbed by heading over the Swiss border to the Morgins equestrian centre, which breeds horses that are most suited to make trips to and fro into the heart of the stunning mountain ranges.

Another place where the experience of horse riding is memorable is in Bad Kleinkirchheim, the huge National Park in Austria that stretches as far as the eye can see. The Atlantic coast too has a long standing history of breeding as well as riding horses. One place that has been dubbed as the home of the horse is Ireland and boasts of some of the most beautiful horses in the world. Countries like France and Portugal too have a long standing history of equestrianism, with Portugal being the home to the world famous Lusitano thoroughbred horse, the world’s oldest saddle horse breed.

Be it enjoying the British country side on horseback, discovering the Pyrenees, or enjoying the Scandinavian mountain side, horse riding is a much loved sports in most parts of the continent; owing to the fact that valleys, volcanoes, mountains and beaches all look different on a horseback. So grab the opportunity to make a horse riding trip to Europe and rediscover the beauty of feeling at harmony with nature.