Water & Winter Sports

Vacations are generally a time for people to relax and unwind, however for those adrenaline junkies, who have adventure pumping through their veins, Europe is perhaps the paradise that you have been searching for. With a range of water and winter sports that can get that heart pumping, and blood gushing, you will never fall short of a fun activity to do, and at the same time enjoy the beauty and finesse that the continent has to offer. So just pack your travel bags, zip up your gear and head out on Water and Winter Sports themed Euro Trip that shall satiate the adventurer in you.

Water Sports Themed Vacation:

Gone are the days when Vacation time would be comprised only of some sunshine, sand and sea, even though the basic ingredients do remain similar, the zing of adventure does seem to do the trick and for the water sports enthusiasts Europe seems to especially provide great deals and opportunities to be able, to dive, ski, surf, sail, paddle etc., in oceans, seas and fresh water bodies and quench that thirst for the adrenaline rush. It’s a booming business and with scores of options to choose from all you need to do decide on the activities that you’d want to do and just take a plunge.

The Best Water Sports Destinations:

Taking a trip to the beautiful Adriatic shores, with Croatia, Slovenia, Montenegro and Italy being the hot spots that offer a variety of freshwater as well as saltwater activities and thrills. You can Glide Kayak or Canoe, the plethora of islands and the fresh White Mountain waters shall be your companions.

Some of the most famous water sports destinations include The Zenobia at Cyprus which sets diving enthusiasts into frenzy, where they get to jump off a ferry which has been wrecked for quite some time now, and is maintained to pristine perfection. For the lovers of surfing Playa da Famara at Lanzarote has some of the most beautiful surfing beaches that you’ll ever find.

For the sailing and kayaking enthusiast the rugged coastlines of the Atlantic can be a memorable experience, with an equally serene and romantic, offshore living at hand, you will truly feel at ease.

With some of the bluest waters, Paphos at Cyprus, Rhodes at Greece and the Medes Island in Spain garner water sports enthusiasts from all over the world with sports like Kite surfing, Wind surfing and Scuba diving being the first choice for most people.

The regions that comprise the Balkan Peninsula have perhaps some of the most exciting rapid tracks for rafting, the wild, untamed beauty of the Julian Alps, the Carpathian Mountains, and the Pindus range and the Black sea beaches that are strewn all over the Aegean Islands along with the delta at the Danube river are perhaps incomparable to any other water experience that you can garner.

Much opposite its majestic, elegant, imperial past Britain can offer you a wild ride of adventures and till the time you do not experience sailing, surfing, diving or canyoning in the British isles and do not indulge your senses in the pastoral feel of the land, you truly have not lived the European experience.

Be it the rapids in the famous land of the Viking, the Scandinavian Mountains ranges house amongst them, or the Kite sailing experience that the white sand beaches of the Pyrenees in Portugal, the best of climate and the best of scenery are affronted to you by Europe. With the Mediterranean Sea which has been the hub of water sports activities beckoning you, all you need to do is immerse your wild side in the varied options, to choose from, pick your equipment and let the fun begin.

Winter Sports Themed Vacation:

The scenic beauty of the mountains of Europe provide idyllic ambience and opportunities for a wide range of winter sports activities like skiing,  ice skating, ice climbing, snowboarding etc., for the outdoor sport enthusiast who does not mind the winter chill, Europe might have just the thing for you.

In the Nordic ranges of Scandinavia, you can indulge in ice fishing, snow mobile safari, ice fishing and refresh yourself by taking a tingling ice water plunge. Sweden on the other hand can offer you family friendly options as the resorts cater to the adult as well as the children participants. With a gorgeous view of the mountains and the northern lights beckoning you, a snowmobile ride is an absolute delight.

For the snowboarding enthusiasts, Norway provides some of the most adrenaline pumping areas, which have been specially crafted to heighten the thrill of snowboarding, and coupled with Snowkiting , it is an experience that you shall never forget. One of the best places that you can try visiting there, is the Tryvann Winter Park in Oslo.

There is no better place for Skiing than the European slopes, scattered across countries all over the continent, places like Winterberg in Germany, Bansko in Bulgaria, the Sierra Nevada ranges in Granada, Spain. The Gran Paradiso, Matterhorn, Mont Blanc and the Monte Rosa, the Alpine Resorts in Italy, to the Austrian ranges like Kitzbühel that provide the picturesque view of 13th century houses, you can even visit the Tyrolean Innsbruck, or train under the renowned Hannes Schneider, also a worthwhile visit isthe Saalbach-Hinterglemm in Austria, which can provide you with the most spectacular view and skiing experience that can be cherished for a lifetime.

Snowy activities achieve a unique blend in Finland, activities like dogsled safari, kick sledding etc., also the natural hot springs of Iceland that are surrounded by snow  which you can relax in after skiing on the volcanic mountainsides, are an amalgamation of different kind of options that can be explored in Europe.

One of the most exhilarating destinations for winter sports enthusiasts is the Carpathian Mountain ranges, which are the longest mountain range in Europe after the Alps, which offers you a range of activities with a slight twist to them. While the Slovakian area can provide you with variations like, snow-tubing, bungee catapult, snow-rafting, bobsledding etc., the Mazury region of Poland can offer you a mix of both Nordic and Alpine ski facilities, while for the more seasoned of ski enthusiasts, Romania has quite a few ski resorts that provide skiing tracks which vary in the difficulty level.

One cannot miss mentioning Switzerland when talking about winter sports, with breath-taking mountain views, to the snowy forests, you can take the horse sledge ride on Lake Sils or enjoy a cable car ride of the Bettmrealp, the mesmerizing feel of the snow covered Swiss Alps,  shall remain etched in your memory forever.

Hence when planning a winter Sports theme vacation, Europe can provide you with some of the best alternatives in the world, that shall truly make it an experience worth treasuring forever.