Wellness Spas and Beaches

One of the best feelings when on a vacation, is perhaps the feeling of relaxing and lounging, letting go of all the built up stress, that our busy lives subject us to; and what better way to do that than to soak up some sun, get that glorious tan or sit and rejuvenate yourself in a spa. For all the people who need respite from the tensions in their life and want a holiday where they can unwind and relax themselves in order to feel rejuvenated, Europe has some fantastic beaches and spas to offer, that will work wonders for you and your body.

Wellness & Spa Themed Vacation:

One must not deny oneself certain indulgences that money can afford, and being pampered at the European spas is one of them, who cannot but wanta relaxing day at a wellness centre, that not only de-stresses and detoxes you but also makes up for a good pampering vacation time, for you and your loved ones, a chance that you surely cannot miss.

The Long Standing Spa Tradition of Europe:

There has always been a spa tradition in Europe from ancient times, the Romans were very fond of the bathhouses for they possessed according to them healing powers, and Europe still has within them the remains of the heritages that can be attributed to them.  The fact that there exist quite a number of hot springs in Europe, the 18th and 19th century saw the upsurge of the taking water from these natural sources and the Spa came to existence. Now being touted as the fountain of youth, the spa culture has spread all across Europe with almost 5000 wellness centres and spas to its name.

The Famous Spas of Europe:

The origin of the term Spa is routed in the town with the same name in Belgium, which is also touted for the Grand Prix and its Casinos, another famous tourist destination is Bath, the homely town in England, which has to its name, some architectural heritages of the Roman era with baths that have been preserved with much care, and also the splendid Georgian architecture. The vintage, golden era of spas brings to mind the image of Baden Baden, nestled in the lap of the Black Forest in Germany; it is a blend of the past and the future. Another option is that of Çemberlitas Hamam which is the traditional Turkish bath and can be experienced in Bursa, Pamukkale in Istanbul.

An array of treatments are afforded in the spas, which are dependent on the surrounding natural elements, different minerals and plants which are thought of having therapeutic uses are employed, for example Bagno vignoni in  Tuscany, Italy provides respite to people who suffer from rheumatism or degenerative arthritis, whereas the French and Spanish spas like Evian les Bains, in Haute-Savoie, Rhone-Alps region of France and the ones in Andalucía, Spain normally offer seaside treatments like thalassotherapy, which is a form of balneothrapy employing the use of sea water.

Other famous spa destinations include Grindavik in Iceland, Karlovy Vary in Czech Republic, The Bavarian Alps in Germany, Edipsos in Greece, Heviz in Hungary etc.

Normally the spa experience can range from a few hours to weeks, depending on the day spa or health resort standards, and you can choose from a range of dietary plans, exercises and treatments that would suit you, hence when planning on taking a spa and wellness themed vacation in Europe, you can chart out your requirements and then begin the journey and exploration towards holistic well-being that the places have to offer.

Beach Themed Vacation:

Europe has probably every combination of beach terrain possible, ranging from, rocky, sandy, remote or even urban; it is every sun lover’s sun kissed dream. You can choose from myriad options of shorelines that border the Atlantic, the Baltic, Adriatic or the Mediterranean Sea;Europe also has a variety of freshwater lakes and rivers to offer, for the beach lover.

Listed below are the various kinds of beaches that you can visit when in Europe:

The Blue Flag Beaches:

One may wonder what the Blue Flag really stands for when it comes to recognising and assessing beaches, much like the Michelin stars that are given out to restaurants, the Blue flag is the standard for the cleanest and the most environmentally friendly, sustained, freshwater as well as salt water beaches in the world and Europe houses a whopping number of them, with Denmark itself housing some 200 beaches that have been awarded the blue star. Other beaches which possess the same laurels are six Lithuanian white sand beaches that are located on top of the Curonian Spit, along with countries like Ireland and Cyprus that have their fair share of Blue star beaches and not to forget mentioning St George’s Bay which is located in Malta and possesses unique marine habitats.

The Ocean and Fresh Water Beaches:

One of the unique feature of the beaches of Europe is perhaps the variety that is affronted in terms of geography as well as climate, with the extensive endless choices that we are presented with, it is no surprise that there exist within the same country, beaches that vary in quality and character quite differently. You can start the tour with the Mediterranean beaches, who have not only been a cultural hotspot for centuries, with historical sites and cuisines, butthe view of the northern shoes, along with the famed nightlife of the Spanish Balearic Islands with the Playa Papagayo at Lanzarote, Cala Tarida at Ibiza or Las Islas Cies at Galicia or the ones on the French Riviera, you shall have an unforgettable experience.

If looking for tranquil waters then the enchanting azure sea at the Patara beach atTurquoise Coast, Turkey, or the Navagio Beach at ZakynthosGreeceand the lovely beaches at Cyprus is what you need. There is something for everyone here,the beaches at the Adriatic Seaare perfect for a family vacation with their genteel soft, sandy shores, a contrast to the Croatian and Slovenian rocky beaches. For the nature lovers, the North Sea and the Baltic coasts that are located on the Atlantic, with the Waddensee in Germany or the famous Baltic beaches at Poland being a delight.

One can also indulge in the healing properties of the famed Black Sea coast of Romania that is famous for the salty mud baths that can help aching bodies, find some relief.

The freshwater beaches that located near rivers and lakes attract a humongous number of visitors each year, famous beaches like Lake Balaton in Hungary, Lake Neusiedlersee which shares the Austro-Hungarian border, Lake Constance which is locked by Austria, Germany and Switzerland are perhaps some of the most famous freshwater shorelines. One can also try the Italian lakes that invoke the feeling of romance like no other and can give Lake Garda which is located in the picturesque town of Sirmione or Lake Como a try.

Hence when planning to take a beach themed vacation, try to give all the various options offered a try, and you shall truly find yourself revelling in the exotic multitudes of options that Europe offers you.