Top 10 Adventure Activities in Europe

1.  Kite skiing, Chamonix:
Located in northern France, Chamonix is famous for a host of Alpine sports, with kite skiing being particularly famous. Thanks to the windy weather of the area and an area of glacial ice called Col du Midi, Chamonix is perhaps the perfect spot for kite skiing, with permanent snow that is up to 11,483 feet in height.

2.  Caving, Iceland:
With an eclectic array of colours and fantastic formations, you can explore the lava tube caves and craters of Iceland through this activity, which involves crawling through narrow spaces. Not for the claustrophobic, the stalactites are a spectacular view.

3.  Snowmobiling, Greenland:
Race across the Greenland Icecaps, land, glaciers and snow on snowmobiles and just when you think it could not get any better than this; you should know that the final crossing of the ice cap would require skiing.

4.  Mountain biking, Morzine, France:
With world class downhill trails, Morzine offers you some of the best mountain biking opportunities. For those of you who are new to mountain biking, you can find plenty of trainers who can guide you through the trails.

5.  Shark Diving, Fife, Scotland:
Thrill gets a new perspective when you have to swim in shark infested waters. If this is your idea of fun then Fife is the place for you, as you get to swim in an underwater aquarium filled with sand tiger, angel and tope sharks along with almost 2000 kinds of fishes that include rays and crabs.

6.  Igloo adventures, Sweden:
You can get a taste of the Eskimo life in Sweden, with activities like building your own igloo on the list; it’s an experience not worth missing.

7.  Canyoning, Turkey:
An ideal location for a perfect family adventure holiday, with a host of activities like waterslides, waterfalls, abseil, swimming in the turquoise water etc. it is perhaps the best place to be on a hot day.

8.  Sphering, England:
Also known as zorbing and orbing, it is one of the most exhilarating experiences as you are put inside an inflatable PVC ball and rolled off from the top of the hill with speeds that can reach up to 38 miles/hr. The experience is truly once in a lifetime.

9.  Coasteering, Anglesea, Wales:
All about climbing, scrambling, swimming etc. the idea behind Coasteering is exploring areas that are otherwise inaccessible by any other means except a boat. The coastline of Anglesey and North Wales is one of the most stunning locations to indulge yourself in Coasteering.

10.  Cheese rolling, England:
All about the thrill of danger of the sport this is perhaps one of the most eccentric sports of them all, which has led to quite a few injuries. This annual even at Gloucestershire involves the flinging of a cheese down the hill, and the competitors chase it. Extreme sports takes a new name as steepness of the slope, the dips, bulges etc. have managed to add to its claim a few bones, ankles etc. each year.