Top 10 Dangerous Cities in Europe

1.  Sofia, Bulgaria:
In the words of the residents of the Bulgarian capital, the city of Sofia never feels safe to them, in fact in a survey only 20 percent of the residents admitted that the city is a safe place. Even though the rate of organized crime has dropped since the year 2010, however the rate of thefts and robberies is still quite high in the city.

2.  Mitrovica, Kosovo:
With constant brewing of discontent among the warring factions of the Serbs and Albanians, Mitrovica has a terse atmosphere almost constantly. In the recent past due to the escalated levels of brutal violence, the employment of NATO peace keeping force was deemed necessary.

3.  Glasgow, Scotland:
Glasgow was once known as the murder capital of Western Europe, and despite efforts the rate of violent crimes in the city is still high. As per recent surveys, the rate of knife crime in the city exceeds the rates major global cities like Rio de Janeiro and New York City. One can judge the violent culture by the fact that a form of greeting in the city known as the “Glasgow Kiss” is actually a glorified version of a head butt.

4.  Marseilles, France
The second largest city in France, Marseilles has been constantly been affected by drugs and turf related organized crime. From gangsters being shot down due to turf wars to thefts and death threats to celebrities Marseilles has emerged as the new crime city in Southern France.

5.  Tbilisi, Georgia
Owing to the on-going conflict between Georgia and Russia, there are certain parts in Georgia that one is advised to steer clear of. In the Georgian capital Tbilisi, there has been forced repression of disturbances that has resulted in a lot of injuries as well as death of protestors. Also the series of bombings and bombing attempts that have been made in the city make it a dangerous place to be in.

6.  Yerevan, Armenia
Yerevan in 2008 saw the largest scale of mass violence that has happened in the nation’s history post the break-up of the Soviet Union; the incidents happened after the presidential elections in the country were held.  However it is not stray incidents that have earned Yerevan its dangerous reputation, it’s the incidents of domestic violence and abuse that have been documented that have gained the city its notorious reputation, of being unsafe for women.

7.  Istanbul, Turkey
Terrorism has been a source of constant fear in the city of Istanbul, with its residents living in the shadow of constant terror threats. Facing threats from organizations like Al-Qaeda as well as Kurdish separatist groups, the city has been is quite a bad state as frequent occurring of bomb blasts and terror strikes have been inflicted upon it.

8.  Napoli, Italy:
The city of Napoli has always had strong mafia links with the rate if organized crime being quiet high in the city. Most of the residents of the city expressed the fear that constantly lurks amongst the city dwellers and also expressed their lack of faith in almost a quarter of the city’s inhabitants which according to them should not be trusted.

9.  Grozny, Russia:
Though most regions of Chechnya have been dubbed as extremely dangerous, it is Grozny that steals the show, as the city has been subjected to a host of missile attacks, shelling and bombing over the two wars, which it has faced. The destruction caused by the wars has been to such extent that the city of Grozny was named as the most destroyed city on Earth by the United Nations in the year 2003.

10.  Sarajevo (Bosnia-Herzegovina):
Since the war that tore the city apart, the city has been a major stop for drug trafficking for the rest of Europe and is suffering from the ravages of organized crime. With increasing incidents of thefts and ethnic gang wars, the city is a hazardous