Honeymoon Destinations in Europe

Honeymoon is a celebration of love and also a time for unwinding, that you want to share with your loved one. Choosing a perfect honeymoon destination can be confusing, hence we have lined for you a list of top 10 places that you can consider as your honeymoon destination and embark on a journey of love:

1.  Santorini, Greece:
One of the best romantic views in the world has to be the Sunset at Santorini, which also explains the popularity of the isle. The island surrounds a sunken Volcano and the famous white washed, blue topped building capture the fancy of most. The restaurants and the resorts know well how to provide you with the perfect amorous experience.

2.  Paris, France:
The city of lights as it is called; Paris is the obvious choice as a honeymoon destination. The Eiffel tower glittering in the night, and French wine at a café, make up for a memorable moonlit night. The fine dining and luxurious hotels provide you with the French "la crème de la crème" experience.

3.  Aix-en-Provence, France: 
Aix-en-Provence is perhaps the most popular place in France for a honeymoon, with its cafés and fountains, the view of Mont St. Victoire and thermal baths, the city has a certain intriguing charm about it.

4.  Sicily, Italy:
The vibrant Italian island is full of activities, be it lounging on the beach, touring the countryside or sightseeing, with cuisines that make your mouth water. A honeymoon more perfect cannot be found.

5.  Crete, Greece:
The warm Mediterranean waters and the beachside, with hikes, strolls through valleys etc., coupled with the indulgent cuisine, hold each other’s hands and enjoy this rich Grecian experience like no other.

6.  Antibes, France :
Though Nice steals the limelight on the French Riviera, Antibes offers honeymooners a peaceful yet chic, vacation option. With a pine forests, moonlit Mediterranean waves, fresh waters and a fine dining experience that is most tantalizing Antibes is a fantastic experience.

7.  Corfu,:
They say that the dramatic beauty of the island inspired Shakespeare’s Tempest’s backdrop; the Glyfada Beach at Corfu and the world famous rock formations along with its olive groves, make up for beauty and indulgence both.

8.  Nice, France:
The Pebbly beaches of Nice have for long attracted the rich and the famous, with uber –luxe hotels, casinos and high end shops make it a temptation. Another plus is perhaps the weather that is almost always sunny with mild temperatures.

9.  Tuscany, Italy:
The beautiful, sunlight flooded landscape of Tuscany, with lush grape vines, olive groves and luxurious villas, it is perhaps the best way to savour Italy. If the beach is not of primary importance for you then perhaps, the Italian cuisine drinks and the joie de vivre of the place is a perfect place for some unwinding.

10.  Monaco, France:
Monaco with the name invokes an image, of the ultra-glamorous lifestyle, with the Larvotto Beach, French cuisine, and luxurious hotels that give the word excess a new meaning. With other places like gardens, spas and casinos to indulge your senses in, Monaco is definitely worth a visit.