Top 10 Hotels of Europe

Though the main delight for most people travelling to Europe is to bask in the rich history of the continent, there are some who travel, looking to indulge in the luxury that Europe affords. For those who want to immerse themselves in the experience of a perfect blend of history, luxury and modernity that the European hotels can provide, here is a list of hotels that you should definitely visit:

1.  Soho House, Germany:
Located in Berlin, this luxury hotel is a private club, though the rooms are available to the public. Boasting of a Cowshed Spa, rooftop pool, vintage record players and 30-seat screening room, this designer hotel comes with 40 customized rooms ranging from small to extra-large.

2.  Hotel Amigo, Belgium:
Hotel Amigo can be called the prime of Belgian chic; located in Brussels, the building is heavily influenced by Flemish style architecture, and has been eclectically decorated with contrasting surrealist paintings and Tintin storybooks. So if you want to immerse yourself in some real art and luxury enjoy the beauty of Hotel Amigo along with its Mediterranean cuisine and the Martini Club.

3.  Four Seasons Hotel, Czech Republic:
Prague, the city that is in vogue all season long has an equally chic hotel: The Four Seasons. With a view of the Prague Castle that is right out of a fairy-tale, it is located on the banks of the river Vltava. The décor bears influences of the Baroque, neo-Classicist and neo-Renaissance styles and is a must visit for its spa and the Italian CottoCrudo restaurant.

4.  Langham Hotel, England:
Located in the heart of England, London; the Langham hotel is a royal dream in itself. Replete with four poster beds and afternoon tees, its convenient location near the Soho theatres and the shops at Oxford and Bond Street make it extremely popular. Add to the above its European cuisine at Roux at The Landau coupled with the Artesian Bar and you have a taste of the Victorian elite society.

5.  Hôtel Plaza Athenée, France:
No list of luxury hotels can be complete without a mention of this Parisian hotel. With a prime location, a spectacular view, and décor that reminds of you of the regal era of Louis XVI, the hotel is also home to master Chef Alain Ducasse's restaurant. With an astounding 35,000 bottles, wine cellar, the famous bars La Terrasse Montaigne and Le Galerie des Gobelins and Dior Institut, the ultimate of the decadent spas, Hôtel Plaza Athenée is an experience of a lifetime.

6.  Mystique, Greece:
Adorning the cliff island Santorini, Mystique is the vision of Greek Paradise, where each suite has a sea facing terrace, daybeds, also there are two exclusive villas, with outdoors Jacuzzis, open air dining rooms, private fitness areas etc. The elegant ambience coupled with great food and a host of activities to indulge in, no other place spells paradise better than Mystique.

7.  La Bandita, Italy:
Even though from the looks of it La Bandita looks like any other Tuscan getaway, the place, once you enter it grips you unlike any other place. Reminding you of the Greek Isles, with a panoramic view of the Val d'Orcia, the sheer beauty of the surrounding area entrances you.

8.  Hotel Casa Morisca, Spain:
Located in the historic town of Granada, it has clear North African influences in its décor along with a contemporary twist. The place takes you back in time and gives you the best of both worlds, with perfect cuisine and ambience, partake in a memorable vacation.

9.  Areias do Seixo, Portugal:
Often described as the blend of Baroque and some woodland fantasy, Areias do Seixo in A-dos-Cunhados has an air of seductive charm to it. The eco hotel boasts of spas, farm fresh restaurants, villas with personal swimming pools a cloistered hamlet feel to it that is special in its own way.

10.  The Dolder Grand, Switzerland:
Located in Zurich, in a breath taking forest setting, the hotel offers a grand view of the city, the lake and the Alps. The architecture reminds you of the old world mountain charm, while the interiors are Avant-garde with perfect, crisp décor. With signature suits and the 4,000-square-meter Dolder Grand Spa, the hotel is a grand experience that you’ll never forget.