10 most happening places in Europe

Planning a fun filled Euro-trip, then you should look to visit, the most happening places that Europe has to offer. With the myriad options available it is difficult to choose, hence we have for you a list of places to not miss out on:

1.  Barcelona:

The amazing food, architecture, nightlife coupled with the mixture of the best of Catalan and Spanish culture makes Barcelona one of the best eclectic experiences that one can have. From backpacker hostel to modern luxurious hotels you can find it all here.

2.  Paris:

One doesn’t need many reasons to visit Paris, the picturesque city, with its museums and monuments is enough to tempt anybody. Add a dash of some of the best gourmet food and shopping places and voila you have a must have Parisian experience.

3.  Berlin:

For someone who loves nightlife, beer, fine dining, history and varied cultural experience, Berlin is the place to be. The city with its irresistible urban charms is perhaps one of the more relaxed vacation destinations, as compared to the other happening cities of Europe.

4.  Prague

With its fairy-tale like quality, Prague has its own charm. The architecture and the quaint streets, along with the love for music that the city holds, with its awesome café culture, it secures its place as one of the top ten most happening cities of Europe.

5.  Amsterdam

Though being touted for its bohemian lifestyle, Amsterdam has much more to offer, with museums and other world class tourist attractions, it is also one of the best romantic getaways that Europe has to offer.

6.  London:

There’s a host of activities that London can offer; from touring world class museums, to sight-seeing, fish ‘n’ chips in a local pub or partying in the top nightclubs everything is fun here.

7.  Rome:

Authentic Italian food, gorgeous architecture, high end fashion: all the right reasons for Rome to be on the most happening list. For a fun holiday with gives you a perfect blend of culture and modern luxury, Rome should definitely be on your list.

8.  Madrid:

Being a prime example of the Spanish culture let Madrid enthral you with bull-fights, flamenco, museums, delicious cuisine and wines. It is definitely one of the must hit cities of Western Europe.

9.  Zurich:

A historic town with old world charm of cobbled streets, churches, mountains and museums, Zurich comes across as a breath of fresh air for visitors. Also the amazing chocolate and pastry shops and a vibrant nightlife just makes everything perfect.

10.  Budapest:

Nicknamed as “Paris of the East”, Budapest makes for an intriguing vacation choice. Exotic and beautiful, with drinks and cuisine which are not priced exorbitantly and a raging night life, it is one of the best vacation options in Europe at affordable prices.

Now that you have a list of the most happening places in Europe that you should visit, what are you waiting for, just pack your bags and leave for a fun filled European Vacation.