Top 10 must have food items/delicacies

With the plethora of delicacies that are inherent to various countries it becomes difficult to choose a handful of favourites, however we have for you a list of musts that you need to try when in Europe in order to have your palate satiated and the gourmand in you satisfied.

Jannson�s Frestelse: Belonging to the Swedish repertoire also known as Jannson�s Temptation is an onion and anchovy delicacy which in a mixture is layered between potato slices, and is baked as a pie till it is golden brown with fresh cream poured on the top.

Danish Pastries: Meant as an anytime snacks these delicacies from Denmark, are a perfect accompaniment to a strong cup of coffee, these sweet, rich, flaky and often iced rolls have become a favourite around the world now.

Irish Stew: Made out of Lamb or Mutton and with a broth that consists of potatoes, leeks, carrots, onions and pearl barley, this dish from Ireland is a staple dish for the Irish. Delicious as well as nourishing at the same time it is served with suet dumplings traditionally.

Wurst: Being the German word for �Sausage�, there are over 1,500 varieties of Wurst in Germany, with every region having its particular charm. It are usually sold as snacks and in different types like Bratwurst that is served grilled, Weisswurst that is boiled and Frankfurters, which take their name after the city that they come from i.e. Frankfurt.

Fondue: This famous Swiss dish is made out of melted cheese such as Gruyere and Emmental, fresh from the dairy farms and heated in a pot, where it is flavoured with white wine, kirsch which is a form of cherry liqueur, garlic and pepper. Fresh bread is then dipped into the hot pot full of cheese using forks making for a delicious eat.

Quiche Lorraine: This French tart consists of a shell of crisp pastry that is stuffed with beaten egg, seasoning, bacon and cr�me cheese, and then baked until golden brown; it hails from the north-eastern region of Lorraine in France.

Paella: This Spanish dish hails from the South-western region of Spain and consists of rice which is flavoured with saffron, herbs and garlic and then mixed with seafood, ham or chicken along with other vegetables, making it a wholesome delight to eat.

Spaghetti Bolognese: The Spaghetti from Italy, much like its sister the Pizza needs no introduction, with the right bit of delicious meat and gourmet tomato sauce, this pasta variant should be tried in the homeland most definitely. We would also encourage you try the authentic pastas and pizzas that are native to every region of Italy and have a distinct mix of their own.

Goulash : This Hungarian national dish, is a rich stew made out of meat, potatoes and onions, often served with black bread or noodles, it is flavoured generally with paprika, cabbage, paprika, mushrooms etc. as per the preference of the cook and much like its Irish counterpart is a staple diet of the country.

Borscht: The classic Russian soup has many variants but with the common ingredient of beets, which bring out its lively colour, eaten hot in winters and cold in summers, it is mixed with meats and mushrooms sometimes and makes an interesting dish for the palate.