10 things not to do on a Europe trip

With the cultural diversity found in Europe it is difficult to be accustomed with every intricacies of the country you’re in, hence there are instances when we commit faux pas unintentionally, or get embroiled in unpleasant situations. To save you some trouble here is a list of things that you should avoid doing when on a Euro-trip in general, small things that we oversee sometimes and end up regretting later:

1. Being Loud and Obnoxious:

You represent yourself and your country in a foreign land, so try not to be the rambunctious, and obnoxious kind, who are treated like a nuisance. Politeness and genteelness have always been treated like coveted virtues and they shall continue to be.

2. Trying to hold on to homeland traits:

You are on a vacation to experience the culture of a different land, so trying to locate your own homeland food joints etc. is a waste of time, effort and money. Try to soak in as much local culture and cuisine as you can, you never know what treasures are tucked away from the tourist eyes.

3. Being Careless about your belongings:

Despite all our modern advancements in security and safe keeping, one thing that hasn’t changed sadly is the possibility of being pick-pocketed, or thieves getting the better of you. There are places in Europe notorious for street crimes, hence always be on your guard.

4. Being caught short of proper identification proof:

It is quite important to have your identification proof on you at all times in any foreign land, for one doesn’t know when the need might arise. Also to avoid being caught short, or in the case of mishaps like theft, be sure to carry a copy of the important documents that you might need.

5. Being short of general information:

Though it might be ages since you picked up a book on world history/geography etc. it is always a good choice to know a bit about the place you’re visiting. So brushing up on general information about the country would be a good idea.

6. Trying not to learn the vernacular:

The saying when in Rome, do as the Romans do, holds much relevance; we are not saying that you should perfect the language of the country, but picking up on the common useful words, do help in the long run.

7. Being too adventurous:

Even though it might almost sound in negation to an earlier statement, but experimenting too much can get you in trouble too. For example since our constitution differs from the locals, there are many cases when travellers get food poisoning and end up having a miserable vacation. So try to maintain balance and enjoy yourself.

8. Buying Counterfeits:

Even though inexpensive copies of big brands are a temptation for all, do not waste money by investing in them. Not only do they seem fake to all who know the real deal, also they might pose a problem at the customs checking.

9. Being short on the financial front:

There are many places that you might have to pay up in cash as there might be many regulations regarding credit card payment. Hence having cash on you for emergencies when the credit card fails is probably a good idea.

10. Being ill-prepared:

Life is full of inconsistencies; however the best that one can possibly do about uncertainties is to be prepared for the worst. When planning vacations it is best to keep in mind all the things that can go wrong and having back up options to combat them. Even though we talk about being spontaneous, but as they say precaution is better than cure; a well-planned holiday will always leave with unforgettable memories of better times, as compared to an ill prepared one.

Hence we’ve listed for you some of the don’ts for a Euro-trip. Try to exercise care and caution, and have a fun-filled vacation.