Blue Hole, Gozo

Blue Hole, Gozo, located near the Dwejra Point and the Dewjra Bay, is one of the spectacular diving spots in Gozo. In fact, it is often cited as into the top ten diving sites in Europe, while it is most definitely one of the most popular diving spots in Gozo, located on its Western coast. What is considered the best about the Blue Hole dive sites is the fact that it is the entry point to some of the most striking marine life, offering divers a glimpse into the rich ecosystems underneath the waters.

Blue Hole is a mecca not only for the diving and snorkeling enthusiasts, but also a delight for underwater photographers. The waters of the Inland Sea is thus best known for its colorful reef, the latter home to many living species and organisms. It is the high quality of these dives sites which makes the Malta region best known for its scope of diving it offers to its visitors and to the locals. The Hole offers a spectacular view from afar as well, especially in a rough climate.

The walk to the Blue Hole, Gozo, however, is not a pleasant one. In fact, you should definitely bring a strong pair of shoes or boots to tackle the rocky terrain. You enter the dive through the Blue Hole, what is actually a rock pool made of limestone, about 10 meters wide and right next to the Azure Window. Once you enter the Blue Hole, the stretch drops for about 15 meters, with the Window ending at the level of seven meters. The underwater arch in the Blue Hole opens up to the vast expanse of the Inland Sea waters, with a cave at a distance of 16 meters from the Hole. There are many boulders, carves, crevices and other rock formations to dive through, with the reef offering a glimpse into the much live organisms. The reef is in fact a length of more than 50 meters, with coral gardens at a length of 20 meters.

While the depth of the reef can measure up to 60 meters, the visibility area is merely up to 30 meters. But do be cautious of the rocks which often fall from the arch. There is a rich variety of marine life in Blue Hole, Gozo, ranging from starfish, octopus, fire worms, sea urchins, cardinal fish, barracudas, tunas, Bullet tunas and even a Sea Horse, if you are lucky. The Blue Hole is open all round the year, with the warmest waters found from April to August.

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