Brighton, Sussex

Brighton, Sussex is one of the most popular beaches in England, known for its excellent facilities, water conditions and its importance in local culture and lifestyle. The beach itself is a pebbled stretch between the two piers of Brighton, namely, the Brighton West Pier and the Brighton Pier. While the former is the older of the two piers, the latter is an important source of entertainment, of festivals, events, music concerts and one of the most famous fish and chips restaurants, among many others.

What makes Brighton, Sussex different is the fact that it offers the perfect getaway for those living in London. The beach front itself is home to many popular local restaurants, bars, night clubs and amusement parks. The popularity of Brighton, Sussex is such that it draws as many locals as it invites visitors from beyond Brighton. Brighton beach is known even for keeping up to the environmental standards and has also been awarded the Blue Flag, a recognition awarded to the beach recently. In fact, a section of the beach is also a recognized nudist area, one of the few such beaches in UK.

The beach at Brighton, Sussex is the hub of many activities, varying in terms of speed and quality. Thus, while you always have the option of lazing around in your deck chair and soaking the sun, you can also go for a wide range of physical and water activities. Shopping, eating out, sailing, fishing, swimming, diving, cinema, fitness center, bowling, casino, amusement park for children, boutiques and boating, among others. The beach is home to the only beach sports venue, namely the NIVEA Sun Yellowave Beach Sports, the latter offering range of beach sports such as beach soccer, beach volleyball, beach rugby and footvolley, among others. Besides these activities, the eastern part of the Brighton beach is houses the largest marina of Europe, which is also one of the major entertainment areas. So you can not only park your boat in this marina, there are loads of things you can do as well.

But since the beach at Brighton, Sussex is a stony one, it is a good idea to wear strong, good pair of shoes. Where staying in Brighton beach is concerned, there are scores of hotels and guest houses to choose from. Some of the popular ones are Cavalaire Hotel Brighton, the Hove Guest House and the Royal Albion Hotel, among others. So while you visit the beach, expect a day of fun and entertainment for you and your entire family!

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