Cala San Vicente, Majorca

Cala San Vicente, Majorca is located on the northwest coast of the Majorca islands, right near the old Roman town of Pollensa. Known for its unique sandy beaches, set at the backdrop of the high cliffs, Cala San Vicente is one of the most popular beaches on this side of the islands. Originally a fishing village, tourism has made a major inroad into this tiny village. In fact, while you choose to walk the beaches early in the morning, you may get to see fishermen working on the beach. Offering a quiet and laid back ambiance,

a visit to the Cala San Vicente is an ideal way to rejuvenate yourself. Overlooking the sea, you will find the Cavall Bernat, the majestic mountains, dotting the skyline. The three beaches in Cala San Vicente have an easy access to some of the restaurants, pubs and bars lining the rear of the beach. But while each beach has its own unique style, each offers activities such as snorkeling, swimming and scuba diving, among others.

The three beaches in Cala San Vicente, Majorca include Cala Barques, Cala Clara and Cala Molins. The Cala Barques is the largest of all, though it is a rocky beach and you will need your beach shoes when you visit. While the beach does not have any bars, there are few restaurants in the shoreline. The beach is considered best for snorkeling, where you can get the unique experience of the rich marine life. A patch of sandy beach also allows for sunbathing on the beach. The two beaches of Cala Clara and Cala Molins are rather secluded behind the rocky outcrops, with the latter offering a long sandy stretch. Where staying in Cala San Vicente is concerned, there are a range of hotels and resorts, with the most popular ones being the Cala San Vicente resort, Hotel Don Pedro and Hotel Simar, among others. While the former is a luxury resort, the latter are economy hotels in the region.

While you are at Cala San Vicente, Majorca , you must also visit the nearby town of Pollensa, known for its charming ambiance, historic buildings and some of the major events. However, in order to get to Cala San Vicente, you must either pre-book your car or hire a taxi. You can easily reach the village via road, once you land at the Son Sant Joan International Airport. The beaches of Cala San Vicente are the ideal locations for enjoying a quiet holiday, besides taking long walks on the beach.

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