Cannes, France

Located in the department of of Alpes-Maritimes and the region of Provence-Alpes-C�te d'Azur Cannes is a commune in France. It is one of the famous cities of the French Riviera and is famous for the international film festival and its charming hotels, cars, beaches, and visitors. Cannes is located 36 km from Nice, 55 km from Monaco and 60 km from the Italian border. The total area is about 1970 hectares. Cannes has a length of 8.8 km and width of 4.5 km. Its altitude is between the sea level and 260 meters above the sea level.

Along the Golfe de la Napoule or along "La Croisette" in the Rade de Cannes. All the beaches here are sandy and most of these are located in the Antibes and Juan-les-Pins. The commune of the Cannes is the third biggest city of the department by its population. Cannes has typically a Mediterranean climate. Beaches in Cannes are visited more for exhibitions and voyeurism than with actual swimming. The city has few famous beaches as the one Plage de la Croisette.

Cannes has a Mediterranean climate and the entire city enjoys good sunshine for at last 12 hours every day. The winter brings mild weather and both winter and summer see a relatively low level of rainfall and the most significant period of rain is during October and November, when an average of 110 millimeters is the usual.

Plage de la Croisette: The Plage de la Croisette beach extends between the Vieux Port and the Port Canto. The beaches located here are not completely privately owned ones they are paid ones. The beaches are separated with a wooden barricade and most of these are associated with hotels and resorts.

One another commonly visited beach is the Carlton. Every beach in Cannes, France allows topless sun bathing and is not for family trips. There are several family beaches also that where you will find families with children and lots of caravan-type vehicles parked nearby. Most of the beaches are provided with cafes and eateries that provide local cuisines of Cannes. Due to its coastal location Cannes is rich in seafood and delectable dishes. Cannes is also famous for its festivals a number of annual summer festivals are organized by its beaches.

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