Cap Camarat, France

Cap Camarat, France is ranked among the top beaches near St Tropez which is also a home to Rubis, which is one of the most successful Second World War allied submarines. There is a long history of this war submarine which also attracts the tourists to come here. Once you visit the Cap Camarat, France you will find that this submarine can still be found here and can be seen in a remarkable shape. The vessel is often sighted in a unique upright position as well. Other than this, you can also find one of the best marine animals which include red conga eels. You should always follow the warning which is popular here that "Rubis lies at a depth of 40 meters and the current here is strong". If you are an experienced diver, then this is the ideal place for you to go for unlimited fun.

The blue waves of the sea which washes the golden sands of the beaches will mesmerize you. Cap Camarat, France also falls among the top virgin beaches of France as well. This beautiful place is frequently visited by a large number of honeymoon couples. As it is one of the top 50 beaches in Europe, the tourists find the place too sublime to forget. This beach in France is also known for a large number of celebrations that are held here. You will find Christmas as well as New Year Beach Parties held here during the months of December and January. The undying beauty of the beach and its distinct charm make it an ideal romantic destination. Located far away from the daily humdrums, the beach must from an indispensable tour itinerary during your traveling to Europe.

Accommodation facilities are also available near the Cap Camarat, France. You will find a number of hotels and beach resorts here which are well equipped with lot of modern facilities. There are a number of suites available in these popular beach resorts where you can accommodate yourselves during any part of the year. There are some beaches and resorts here which are also well equipped with swimming pools and tennis courts as well. The tourists can also look forward to accommodate themselves in a wide range of holiday homes and camping grounds near this place.

If you chance to visit this verdant beach during the weekends, you will be gifted with plenty of reasons to cheer about.

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