Fistral, Cornwall

Fistral, Cornwall is one of the most popular beaches in Newquay, known for its excellent surfing conditions and other forms of entertainment. It is a mecca for surfers, both the locals and the visitors from beyond Newquay, especially in the summers when the beach becomes extremely crowded. But what sets it apart is the fact that Fistral beach is known for its excellent surfing facilities, while there are a range of other things to do, while you are here. With scores of restaurants, shops, pubs and coffee shops lining the beach front, you can have a day full of fun and frolic! Home to the British Surfing Association, surfers of all levels of experience and skill can try the waters here. The 750 meters of long sandy stretch is ideal for surfing, though varying with difficulty. While the beach often plays host to international surfing competitions, one of the unique features of Fistral, Cornwall is the phenomenal Cribbar wave, named after the reef in the Atlantic ocean itself. This wave hits the shoreline only once in two years and can be 40 feet high. Many experienced surfers have tried to ride on this wave, a risky but exhilarating experience in itself!

Some of the popular events held at Fistral, Cornwall are Gul British Bodyboard Championships, BPSA Open, British Kneeboard Championships, Fistral Surf Festival, Rip Curl Surf Festival and BUSA Students Championships, among others. There are many shops and rental companies which can help you out with the gear and other beach equipments, such as surf boards, of different kinds, wetsuits, boots, gloves, deck chairs and parasols, among others. The beach offers the perfect getaway to the entire family, with range of activities such as shopping, swimming, surfing, sailing, beach walking, bass fishing, rock pool exploration and even sun bathing, among others. You will get some excellent places to eat near the beach shore, offering range of local food and sea food.

Where staying in Fistral, Cornwall is concerned, there are a range of hotels, guest houses, lodges and beds and breakfast, among others. Though summers are the peak season at the beach, the latter is located merely few minutes away from the center of the city. Thus, while you are at Fistral beach, make sure you also travel to tourist attractions of Newquay Zoo, SeaLife Center, WaterWorld and Tennis Courts, among others. Strolling at the Fistral beach, it is guaranteed you will have a fun-filled day at the beach.

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