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Holkham Bay, Norfolk

The Holkham Bay, Norfolk is one of the top beaches in Europe. People who visit this beach say that the beach continues forever. Here you will also find scented pine woods as well. You will find the three-mile long stretch of sand that makes up Holkham Bay. This beach attracts kite fliers, horse riders and, in the mud and salt flats, gourmands hunting for local samphire which is also described as an edible seaweed. The nature can be found at its best here. The waves hitting on the rocks are a wonderful sight to see and it attracts a large number of people.

Some of the popular activities of this Holkham Bay, Norfolk is beach combing and sea watching. Lots of people indulge in these activities as well as walking. Once you walk around the open shores of the beach you can also view different types of seals or jellyfish as well. These have presently turned out some of the best attractions of this place and lots of people are visiting this for having a look.

The foreshore of the Holkham Bay, Norfolk is also one of the places where you will find different types of plants. The mud found here is also of different type. Near this Holkham Bay, Norfolk you will also find the Wells Channel. Near this channel, you will also found the hidden hordes where you can found lugworms and cockles. This is considered to be one of the best food for the wading birds. You will also get oyster catchers here. Other than this, you will also get small invertebrates which include mussle larvae and worms. You will also get the sanderlings as well as ringed plovers.

Some of the key birds of Holkham Bay, Norfolk is the brent goose. You will find several thousand of these Siberian brents in the winter season here. These birds are known for grazing in the shallows and roosting on the wide open mudflats among the shelduck and the waders. Geese and seals will not disturb you. You will be able to see both common and grey seals which haul out in the distance the boat trips to Morton and Blakeney you make you see a lot of this region.

Other than having a look at the marine life here you can also indulge in swimming, diving as well as snorkeling. Hope you got all the information about Holkham Bay, Norfolk. To know more about the top 50 beaches in Europe, stay connected to

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