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Hope Cove, South Devon

Hope Cove, South Devon is a beautiful coastal sanctuary a perfect place to relax and spend a memorable vacation. In the earlier days the place used to be a favorite site for the smugglers but at present it is a charming holiday destination. Tourists from different corners of world come to the place and enjoy a relaxing time. Hope Cove, South Devon is a merger of two villages in one like the Outer and Inner Hope. In the inner hope one can get a collection of cob or stone cottages, thatch galore, around a tiny square. The village houses have bright windows with geraniums and you need to bend your head to enter the cottages.

The village of Hope Cove is also termed as a fishing village and is nestled in the shelter of Bolt Tail in the curve of Bigbury Bay. The village has several thatched cottages, clean and sandy beaches provided in a peaceful relaxed atmosphere. The place is perfect for spending a perfect holiday retreat. The entire village has many scenes and sceneries along the rugged Heritage Coastline.

Many tourists visit the place for enjoying the fishing still the village is famous for its Crabs and Lobsters. The area is also famous for its unique flora and fauna which includes the nature reserve at Slapton Ley, and for its interesting walks to private coves and magnificent viewpoints. Within the village is the Plymouth Sound which is just 12 miles away and is within an easy reach of 12 golf courses, tennis courts and riding. Fishing is available from the breakwater and rocks, or from a boat.

The Hope Cove, South Devon has long charming history. Hope comprises two tiny villages, Inner and Outer Hope which are linked by a road and footpath. During the earlier days the main source of income here was fishing. During the war time the village was also home to some of the RAF men and women who operated the Radar and Radio Stations in the area. Following the regular visit of the tourists the modern village comprises several good hotels and resorts. The village is located for a little distance from the beach side and is now a popular destination for the holidaymakers.

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