Lahinch, Ireland

Lahinch is a small village and a beautiful tourist destination in Ireland. It is placed on the Liscannor Bay of Ireland on the northwest coast of the county clare. Featuring beautiful beach side area, the Lahinch, Ireland is located in the northern side of the Munster which is acknowledged as the Republic of Ireland. Though Lahinch is a small village but it offers so many visible attractions to its tourists. Each year many foreign tourists visit come to this wonderful village and they enjoy all the major attractions of Lahinch, Ireland. Being a small seaside town, Lahinch serves so many wonderful locations to its tourists. So, as a nature lover, if you are going to spend a few days in the pleasant location of Lahinch, you can visit this place with your loved ones. Here we have also provided a details regarding the local attractions as well as comfortable accommodations in Lahinch, Ireland.

As an absolutely great town, Lahinch, Ireland spreads wide and sunny beaches. The picturesque beach of Lahinch, Ireland sweeps past the town of Lahinch and it also forms waves for adventurous water surfing. Apart from all these, the beach of Lahinch, Ireland also adds a wonderful backdrop to one of the greatest golf courses in the entire Europe as well. According to the description of the local people, it is know that, famous golfer Tiger Woods like to play golf in this small town of Lahinch, Ireland . Besides, all the amusement options, Lahinch, Ireland offers more local attractions as well as tourist sites. During your visit to Lahinch, Ireland , you can also avail all the best hotels in the beach side area of Lahinch, Ireland . Dough Mor Lodge Station Road, Greenbrier Inn, Grovemount House Ennistymon, Bellbridge House Hotel Miltown Malbay, The Falls Hotel Ennistymon, Fairy Fort Lodge are the best hotels and resorts in Lahinch, Ireland .

Moreover, as a great tourist destination, Lahinch, Ireland boasts so many excellent tourist destinations such as the Cliffs of Moher, beach side area of Lahinch, Ireland . Besides all these, you can see wonderful variety of wildlife among the local attraction of Lahinch, Ireland . The beach of Lahinch is around one mile spread and it provides all the options for enjoying adventurous water sports which are swimming, biking, diving, boating, scuba diving, etc.

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