Lampedusa Island, Italy

Lampedusa Island, Italy is one of the most unique summer island destinations, which offers to its visitors a host of beautiful beaches, a rocky and sharp coastline and extremely clear waters. But what sets the island apart is its ambiance, which is distinctly African rather than Italian. This is because the island, the largest of the three Pegalie islands, the other two being Lampione and Linosa. While geologically, the island belongs to the African continent, politically and administratively, the island belongs to Italy. However, the island is unique, not only in terms of geology, but also in terms of history, culture and natural beauty of the island. Lampedusa island is home to many beaches, though some of them are not fit for landing, due to the rocky terrain. Nevertheless, the shores are best for skin diving, swimming and snorkeling.

The Lampedusa coastline is popular among its visitors for the wide range of marine life, such as the spectacular sponges, corals, the colored parrot fish, lobsters, Sargus, sea crow, morays, madrepores, dolphins and mantas, among others. The shorelines are the nesting ground of loggerhead sea turtles, an unique site for most visitors. The Lampedusa city is the only city in the island and the center of most activity. Where staying in Lampedusa Island, Italy is concerned, there are a range of hotels, bed and breakfasts and even camping sites on the islands. It is a good idea to avoid the months of July and August, as this is the peak season. If planning to visit during this time, it is better to book your stay. There are two ways you can reach the Lampesuda island. Namely, either by a ferry service from Port Empedocle or via flight from Palermo. The best time to visit the islands is from May to September.

Some of the popular beaches in Lampedusa Island, Italy are Capo Grecale, Capo Levante, Cala Calandra, Cala Creta, Cala Uccello, Punta Sottile, Punta Parrino, Cala Pisana, Cala Francese, Cala Spugne, Cala Maluk, Cala Madonna, Cala Guitgia and Cala Croce, among others. Most of the bathing beaches in the island are situated in the southeast. But the coastline is known for some of its most beautiful and exotic caves, with Cala Calandra known for its deep cave. There are a range of places to stay, most of them within a short distance from the beaches.

While you are here, you must try some of the best local cuisines available in few restaurants on the island. Except for the summer time, the island moves at its own sweet pace, with fishing being one of the major occupations.

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