Turkey cuisines

Turkey cuisines are famous all over the world. Turkish cuisines are largely influenced by Ottoman Heritage. In the cuisines of Turkey there is a fusion of Central Asian, Balkan and Middle Eastern Cuisines. Enjoying Turkish cuisines and drinks are a part of the pleasure while visiting Turkey. The Turkish Cuisines include various vegetables which is stewed or roasted in meat. The traditional Turkey cuisines are cooked in a terracotta pots using lots of garlic, spices, onions and oil. The basic ingredients of Turkish cuisines include dairy products, meat, cereals, cheese, fruits, spices, nuts and herbs. The famous Turkey cuisines are Chushki byurek, Shkembe Chorba, Shopska salata, Sirene po shopski, Snezhanka, Kebapcheta, Kyopulo, Kavarma, Kyufteta, Bob Chorba, Gyuvech and Tarator.

These dishes are prepared in a typical Turkish style. The method of preparation of Turkey cuisines vary from region to region. There are some common dishes which are prepared in a similar way all over the country. If you visit Turkey don't forget to taste the traditional delicacies of Turkey. In Northern Turkey the dishes are based on anchovies and corn. The south east part of the country is popular for Mezes, kebabs and dough based desserts like kunefe, kadayif and baklava. In western parts of the country the food is mainly prepared in olive oil. This is because the western part of Turkey grows an abundance of olive trees.

Kebabs are an integral part of Turkey cuisines. In Turkish cooking the lamb is used as the staple meat. In Turkey Sis kebab is very famous and is prepared by the pieces of lamb threaded with long pin.

The other famous cuisines of Turkey are Tandir, Sac kavurma and Alanzik. One of the main specialties of Turkey cooking is that in almost every dish the aubergine herb is used. One of the famous Turkey cuisines is 'pilav'. It is a rice dish and is a part of the traditional dishes of Turkey. In other part of the country this dish is prepared along with small fish and is famously called as "Hamsili Pilav". A traditional Turkey appetizer is prepared with Yogurt and is called "Cacik". To taste all these Turkey cuisines visit the country and the traditional Turkish restaurants where you can enjoy some great food.

Sweets are also a very important part of Turkey cuisines. Turkish sweets are famous all over the world and almost every sweet is prepared by milk. Not only this, drinks like Turkish coffee and tea are also very popular everywhere in the country.