Ukraine Cuisines

Ukraine cuisines are known for their simplicity. The dishes of Ukraine are based on fresh and smoked ingredients. The cooking techniques of Ukraine are not complex. However, they use a lot of ingredients. The ingredients are very unusual and the combination is equally�offbeat.�For example shuba salad is combined with beets and pickled herring. The dishes of Ukraine primarily use onion, garlic, bay leaf, red peeper, black peeper, bay leaf, salt and parsley. Meat, mushrooms, vegetables and berries are the important part of Ukraine cuisines.

Ukraine cuisines are neither too spicy nor too bland. It is combination of both. The most important food item of Ukraine is bread. The people of Ukraine mainly eat potatoes and prepare many dishes made of potatoes. The dairy products of Ukraine include milk and cheese. Butter is also popular.�But the price of cheese is quite high in Ukraine. It is a custom in Ukraine to gift a traveler or tourist a loaf of bread and salt.

Borscht is the national dish of Ukraine and appears in menu of every Chinese and Italian restaurant in Kiev. It is a Ukrainian soup and is made with beets. You can prepare this dish by thirty different�regional ways.�Meat is often added in this soup. This soup contains nearly 20 different types of ingredients and the ingredients depend on the season. This soup reflects the uniqueness of Ukraine cuisines.

The availability of ingredients in cooking depends on the season and so it is natural that most of the vegetables make their appearance in pickles. You will also find that many dishes mentioned in the menu chart of restaurants are not available during certain seasons. Other soups of Ukraine are Hrybivka, Yushka, Vushka or holushky, Rosolnyk and Kapusniak and solyanka soups.

The main course of food of Ukraine is Varenyky.�It is dumplings made from fried or boiled dough. It has similarity with ravioli without red sauce. The dumpling can be stuffed with potatoes, cabbage, and meat and sometimes with mushrooms. It can also be prepared with sour cherries or sweetened cottage cheese and raisins as a dessert. Other main courses are�Pyrohy, Mlyntsi, Game, Cabbage rolls or holubtsi and many more. Salads are�also an important part of Ukraine cuisines. The salads are primarily lettuce based and is formed of meat, cheese, fresh vegetables and fish.

Ukraine cuisines have a rich history and the dishes are varied. It has also been influenced by other cuisine such as German, Polish and Turkish. Russia also has enormous influence on the delicacies of Ukraine.