Khotyn is an ancient city of Ukraine. It is full of lyrical legends and is one of the popular tourist spots of Ukraine. People who have a romantic bend of mind or those who have an affinity for history will love this place. The place has a historical importance and is famous for its architecture, fortress and castle. The main highlight of Khotyn region is the castle or fortress. Khotyn fortress or castle is located near Dnister River in Ukraine.

This fort is associated with a sad story about a girl. The story goes that the malicious conquerors surrounded the fort and captured the daughter of the commander. The girl did not comply with the wishes of the aggressors and they immured her in a wall of a castle. This story forms the basis of the fortress.

It is a castle in Khotyn, which is about 1,000 year old. It remained a prominent fortification arrangement for several centuries. It is possible to see images of Turkish jug and tear stains of the girl. This fortress or castle in Khotyn is a blend of Turkish reinforcement and stunning success of Ukrainian builders. The fortress will impress you with its largeness. The stone walls surrounding the fortress are nearly 60 meters high. Excursions to the castle in Khotyn can be an experience of a life time. The memories collected here will last for your whole life. The fortress is considered as the "Seven Wonders of Ukraine". This official list was announced by the Governemnt of Ukraine. Tourists coming from various parts of the world make it a point to visit the Khotyn castles and fortress.

This list also contains places such as Kamyanets preserve, Sofiyivka Park in Uman, Kyiv-Pechersk Lavra, Sofiya Kyivska, Khersones Tavriyskiy and Khortitsa. The entrance fee to the Khotyn fortress is about 1$ and for excursion you will have to pay 4$. Apart from Khotyn there are many other most popular tourist destinations of Ukraine including Carpathian Mountains, Kiev, Odessa, Lviv, Kamyanets-Podilsky, Chernihiv, Uman dendro park Sophievka, Poltava, and more. Ukraine is a country located at eastern part of Europe. The country has a rich cultural history and has many interesting places to offer.

Ukraine is becoming the hottest tourist spot of the world and in places like Khotyn and others you have the chance to explore the country's rich culture and heritage.