Trip to Canterbury

The city of Canterbury is one of the major cities in the United Kingdom and it is a very beautiful city possessing a rich cultural heritage and legacy. Trip to Canterbury can be a very satisfying experience for travelers and tourists coming to visit the United Kingdom. The city of Canterbury is also known as the City of Culture and also the City of Cathedrals.

Over 2000 years of history has enriched the city, and as result it is considered as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The Anglican Communion's Mother Church is housed in the city and the church is considered to be the most reputed and noted shrines of Christendom. The heart of the city is uniquely medieval and a Trip to Canterbury can really be a very enriching and ennobling one.

The side streets are very picturesque and beautiful and there are a number of pubs, clubs, boutiques, and restaurants along the streets. Beautiful shops selling retail goods make the city a perfect place for shopping. The city of Canterbury is the backdrop of Geoffrey Chaucer's famous "Canterbury Tales" and this shows that the city was significant even in the era of Middle English, dominated by Chaucer.

Some of the major attractions which comprise the trip to Canterbury are St. Augustine's Abbey, Canterbury Cathedral and St. Martin's Church. A visit to the West Gate, a fortified gatehouse of the medieval period will greatly enrich the experience of the visitors and tourists. The medieval atmosphere still looms large on the city of Canterbury and this can be realized by visiting medieval streets like Mercery Lane with its plethora of overhanging, crooked houses.The Roman Museum is another attraction that should be a sure visit for all travelers and tourists enjoying their trip to Canterbury.

Travelers and tourists can experience the beauty of coast life, city life and also country life. The city is a hub for different kinds of activities, social as well as recreational. Tourism is literally thriving in Canterbury and the economy is greatly boosted. Adults as well as kids can enjoy a lot in Canterbury.

There are a number of hotels in Canterbury where travelers and tourists can stay during their trip to Canterbury. Canterbury is a unique blend of tradition and modernism and this fact is evident as soon as one arrives at Canterbury. Shopping and nightlife in Canterbury are the other two significant aspects that would surely make the trip a very memorable one.

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