Trip to Glastonbury

Glastonbury is a small town located in the Mendip district of England. Diverse historical events, stunning tourist attractions and myths attached to this small town make it a popular tourist destination. Tourists from all parts of Europe and other continents as well visit this unique town. If you wish to go for a trip to Glastonbury then take a bus ride from Wells or any other major city which is located nearby. You can also choose sailing through the Glastonbury Canal to reach this town. For going around the city you can opt for the bus services. A trip to Glastonbury can even be wonderful if you go for a walking tour as the town is not much big. The walk through the town is always enthralling with the surrounding landscapes and tourist locations present to keep up your spirits.

As you start exploring the different tourist locations of Glastonbury you would get an opportunity to learn numerous mystical stories and legends. These stories generally revolve around the Glastonbury Tor, a hill rising in the midst of a flat landscape. This location is maintained by the National Trust. This exceptional feature of Glastonbury displays the roofless St. Michael's Tower. This vast area is visited by visitors all around the year. The age old Glastonbury Abbey was a magnificent church. It has a long trail of history associated with it.

Though today there are only ruins of Glastonbury Abbey left; yet numerous tourists and pilgrims visit this place everyday. King Arthur's burial is a popular attraction. The Church of England is the sole proprietor of the ruins of this church.The Glastonbury Festival is another attraction of Glastonbury which brings in visitors from varied foreign nations. Every year, during the end of the month of June this small town rocks due to the celebrations of Glastonbury Festival. Precisely this festival is held in a small village named Pilton, which is very close to Glastonbury.

On your trip to Glastonbury you can put up in the small hotels or accommodate with the inhabitants. You would receive the comforts of a five star hotel but it's guaranteed that the tranquil ambience and pleasant climate will provide you all sorts of natural comforts. Enjoy the nightlife amidst the vast sky, in the lap of nature and among the people of Glastonbury. Visit the small cafes and restaurants and taste the indigenous cuisines of this town. On you way back home don't forget to visit the town market and buy handful of unique stuffs.

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