Albania Travel Guide

Albania is known as the Republic, is situated in South Eastern Europe. As far the economy is considered it is a transition economy and the form of government is parliamentary. Tirana is the capital city of Albania and it is also the financial capital. If you want to travel to Albania, a detailed survey should be done in order to enjoy your vacation. Mentioned below are few things which you should keep in mind before visiting Albania.

When to visit Albania?

As Albania is a coastal region, it has a pleasant Mediterranean Climate. If you want to escape the heat during summer, you can visit the Albanian coast to enjoy the soothing temperature. The mountains in Albania often experience heavy snowfall during November and March, but the temperatures are generally not below freezing point. The best time to travel to Albania is during spring and autumn.

Travel to Albania- Places of Interest

When you travel to Albania you can visit the following places:

  1. Tirana
  2. Mt. Dajti National Park
  3. Durres
  4. Southern Albania
  5. Northern Albania
  6. Berat
  7. Central Albania
  8. Saranda
  9. Ionian Coast

How to travel to Albania?

Albania can be reached by air and by road. Buses ply in Albania which you can avail to travel from one place to another. In order to drive your own car or motorcycle, you need to have your Green Card. Albania is bordered by surrounding countries and crossing the borders is hassle free.

If you wish to travel to Albania by air, then you have to access Nene Tereza International Airport which is also known as Mother Theresa Airport. More commonly it is known as Rinas airport. It has to be kept in mind that there are no domestic flights available within Albania. The important airlines that ply in Albania are mentioned below:

  1. Malev Hungarian Airlines
  2. Hemus Air
  3. Adrian Airways
  4. JAT Airways
  5. Albanian Airlines

Accommodations in Albania

If you want to travel to Albania then you must have an idea about the kind of accommodations that are available in and around Albania. Mentioned below are few such places.


  1. Hotel Berati
  2. Hotel Mangalemi
  3. Tomorri Hotel
  4. Castle Park Hotel and Tourism Complex


  1. Hotel Airport Tirana
  2. City Hotel Tirana
  3. Palma Hotel
  4. Hotel Restaurant Baron
  5. Diplomat Fashion Hotel

Ionian Coast

  1. New Heaven
  2. Joni's Hotel
  3. Hotel Tozo
  4. Hotel Republica
  5. Hotel New York


  1. Mediterrane Hotel
  2. Aulona Hotel
  3. Porto Eda Hotel
  4. J & B Hotel
  5. Hotel Palma e Arte