Travel to Andorra

Andorra is also known as the Principality of Andorra, is a small country which is located in southwestern part of Europe. It is located in the eastern part of Pyrenees Mountain and shares its border with b Spain and France.

It was formed and 1278 and if you want to travel to Andorra, then you have to either trek or you have to reach by road from the neighboring countries. If you travel to Andorra by car then fuel in Andorra is very cheap as compared to France and Spain. The capital town of Andorra is Andorra la Vella is a densely populated with a lot of traffic jam.

Economy in Andorra

Tourism is the main source of income in Andorra. The reason for tourism being a booming industry is due to the fact that it is duty free. Tourists can enjoy there stay in the resorts during summer and winter and enjoy travel in Andorra. The main activity of the people of Andorra is livestock rearing.

Culture in Andorra

The main religion being Roman Catholic and the official language Catalan, Andorra is a home to folk music land dances like contrapas and marratxa. Andorra has a number of other varieties of folk dances which is extensively practiced still now.

When to visit Andorra?

The climate of Andorra is a temperate one. As it is in higher elevation there are generally more snow in winter and humidity is low. On the contrary temperatures are low in summer and are generally cooler. So if you want to enjoy where stays in Andorra, then it is advisable to visit in summer as temperatures are lower.

How to travel to Andorra?

There are no airports available in Andorra and the airports that are nearby are in Girona, Toulouse, Reus, Barcelona and Peripignan. So if you want to reach Andorra by air, then you have to avail flights to any one of the above mentioned airports and then you have to reach Andorra by road or rail. There are helicopter services available in Andorra for commercial purposes.

Bus services are very good in Andorra and it connects all the areas in Andorra, including the rural places. The bus service has a very good frequency on most important routes and it runs in an interval of thirty minutes and more frequently during rush hours.

Places of Interest- Travel to Andorra

When you wish to travel to Andorra you can drop in at the following places mentioned below.

  1. Andorra la Vella
  2. Ordino
  3. Vall del Riu
  4. Pic de l' Estanyo
  5. Vall del Riu
  6. Casa de la Calle
  7. Coll Arenys

Places to stay in Andorra

If you wish to drop in at Andorra then you must know a few places where you can stay in Andorra. You can look for a hotel and book your room via internet which is an easy way without traveling in person. A few places are mentioned below.

  1. Andria
  2. Apsis Florida
  3. Apsis Art Hotel
  4. Abba Xalet Suites Hotel